° Runs on XP and later OS, with post contest log entry.
° Logs ARRL VHF/UHF `big 4` and other contests and logs WSJT QSOs.
° Logs Rover QSOs as Call/R. Logging without the mouse.
° DVK - Plays wave files w/repeat and PTT control.
  · Call the working station in your voice.  · DVK over-ride functions.
° CW keyer - Memory and keyboard CW, w/repeat and PTT.
  · Software swap of DTR and RTS.
  · Supports Real COM ports, USB and USB to serial converters.
° Displays US grid maps and distance/bearing/recip from 6-digit calculations.
  · Use the WG7J GridMapper post contest! Awesome App.
° Works with PstRotator to control your rotator - from typed in callsign.
° Transverter offsets, IF frequency and dial calibration delta is displayed.
° Interfaces with a band decoder or N3FTI's 10-band interface - the decoder board pix.
  · Win7 and Win8 band switching is supported using a USB I/O controller board.
° Writes ASCII, ADIF and Cabrillo. ° Displays your favorite beacon frequencies.
° UTC offset from system clock. Use Dimension 4 or other clock updating software.

New: The history file supplied contains Calls, Op`s names, bands used and 6-digits primarily from the NE U.S. Also supports the new partial callsign check function. VHF LOG can be setup using data from your own activity area. Use a different filename with the same format.