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70th Year
Since October 7, 1952


W4QI Title

Silent Key J-38 Morse Code Hand Key
December 6, 1910 - June 23, 1997

W4QI in 1979Lemmie, W4QI, my first cousin, passed away in June 1997.   He was licensed in 1931 at age 20 and held the same call for his 66 years as an Amateur Radio operator. He was my inspiration to get my Amateur Radio license.
Checking my radio log in the computer, I had 1,024 contacts with Lemmie using W4YDY and my two second station calls, K4IWJ and K5NC. I talked to him on the radio every year from 1953 to 1996 except for 1974 and 1975. Also I talked to him from a number of other stations including K2USA in Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Over five percent of my radio contacts until 1997 were with Lemmie. I do miss his voice coming in on my speaker.


His wife, Mozel, K4VVA, passed away in August 1997. The picture is Lemmie and Mozel on July 7, 1979 standing in their yard.

Thanks to William, WA4JMT, in Bristol, VA. for the first two pictures.

W4QI and XYL in 1979


J-38 Morse Code Hand Key

This is the J-38 Morse code key that belonged to Lemmie. It is probably the same key that I used in 1952 when he had me studying the code for my Amateur Radio license. I spent a couple of weeks in the summer with him and received my license in October, 1952.  Lemmie put the red tape on it and I will not remove it.
The hand key was given to me from his estate.  I use that key and a paddle for my CW operations now.



W4QI Amateur Radio Shack in the 1930sLemmie's radio shack in the 1930s. I can still remember when I was about four years old, we visited Lemmie at his home in Siler City in 1939. That was the first time I can remember seeing an Amateur Radio Station. With my chin just clearing the desktop, I stood in awe looking at all that equipment. He said he could talk far away with it!  The bug had bit but it was about 13 years later that I got the license.
W4QI QSL card from the 1930sThe picture as left probably was Lemmie's first QSL card. Someone told me that many QSL cards from the 1930s had pictures of the radio shack and the operator in the corner. 

The receiver is listed on the QSL card below as a Breting 12. Although the transmitter in the rack is different in the two pictures, the receiver is the same.
Click on the picture for larger version.

W4QI QSL card from the 1940sThis was the QSL card that Lemmie used for years. On the date blank, the year was printed as 194__. From that, you can be sure it was printed in the 1940s.


Allen Langley KF4FMX

Allen, KF4FMX
5/1931 - 3/2021


Another first cousin of ours, Allen, KF4FMX, received his license in December 1995 and Lemmie was very happy that Allen finally joined the Amateur Radio fraternity.   Silent Key in Mach 2021.

kf4fmx-Allen.JPG (22286 bytes)

Susan, WA4AKB & KF4FMX
Raleigh Hamfest 1997

Allen and I both got interested in Amateur Raido in the late 1940s.   I got my license in 1952 while he went in the Air Force and later started raising a family.  He never lost interest so he did make it in 1995.  He is in my log 58 times, first on 2 meter FM and later on 10, 40, 80 and 160 meters SSB.  His QSL card below is for our first HF contact.  kf4fmx-qslcard-6.jpg (56522 bytes)


W4QIqslFront1935-3.jpg (13689 bytes)At the right is a QSL card Lemmie sent to W4BYY in 1935.  The cartoon is right funny.  Found the card surfing the Internet and obtained it from the W8JYZ collection.

Click on the picture for larger version.



W4QIqslBack1935-3.jpg (7610 bytes)On the left is the address side of the card postmarked Siler City, August 1, 1935 at 11 AM. 

Click on the picture for larger version.

W4YDY at Lemmie's stationThis is a circa 1957 picture of W4YDY at Lemmie's station in the den of his home. He had a National NC-240D receiver and a Heathkit DX-100 AM transmitter.  Lemmie took the picture and it is now faded out and has many scratches as you can see!



Holland Amateur Radio Society
  W4QI License

Several of Lemmie's relatives and friends organized a club in his honor and named it "Holland Amateur Radio Society".  A station callsign was applied for and KG4RWE was assigned on 2/28/02.  On 4/13/02, KG4RWE was cancelled and WW4QI vanity call was assigned. On 5/28/02, WW4QI was cancelled and W4QI vanity call was assigned! Trustee is W4YDY.


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