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May, 1953 - Morrow 3 band converterMy first mobile was a Morrow 3BR-1 80-20-10 meter converter that wasTBS50D Transmitter connected to the BC radio. My Harvey Wells TBS-50D transmitter was installed in the trunk.  Had to crawl part way in the trunk to peak the grid and load and dip the final before heading out!   High Voltage DC power was supplied by a dynamotor connected to the battery that was a positive ground in a 1947 Plymouth 4 door sedan. Found out about that positive ground the hard way when I turned on the Harvey Wells filaments the first time! SMOKE!! 1947 PlymouthThe Harvey Wells was used in the car and the house so it was "portable". Operation was crystal controlled only on 3.865 MHz.  The antenna for 75 meters only was a homemade coil and an 8-foot whip.  Installed the rig in a 1949 Plymouth a couple of months later.  When you keyed the mike, you thought the dynamotor would almost stall the car!  You could hear the car ammeter click when it monetarily pegged. Click on the pictures for larger version.



1956 -viking mobile150.JPG (5437 bytes) A few years later, purchased a 6 band Viking Mobile Transmitter kit for $99.50 and55pontiac200.jpg (5971 bytes) mounted in a 1955 Pontiac. It covered 80, 40, 20, 15, 11 and 10 meters. The transmitter had an 807 final amplifier running 60 watts input and used a pair of 807's for plate modulation on AM.  It had a four crystal switch for frequency changes and a $29.45 kit (less tubes) VFO could be attached.  I just used crystals.  The antenna was a Webster Bandspanner all band antenna. A dynamotor supplied the HV DC.


Collins KWM-2 mounted in 1959 PontiacNovember 20, 1959 - Received new Collins KWM-2 transceiver (serial # 149).

1959 Pontiac with KWM-2 installed.December, 1959 - Collins mobile mount and Collins power supply for the KWM-2 installed in 1959 Pontiac.  At last no more dynamotors!  Used the Collins solid state power supply.  The antennas were 5 single band whips with quick disconnects and can be seen faintly in the center of the trunk lid. This installation was removed when the car was sold in April 1965. (Click on pictures for larger view)  The next HF mobile was installed September 2002. They sure got smaller and it's a good thing because of the small cars!


Mobile again - 2 meters only

70vw82-250.jpg (11838 bytes)1971 - I went mobile again, but on 2 meters only.  A Regency HR-10 was installed in a 1969 VW with a DB Products 3/8 antenna mounted on the front right hood.  Later model 2 meter rigs were installed in a 1977 Plymouth with the same antenna installed on the left rear trunk.   In 1980, installed the 2 meters in a 1970 VW pictured. 
83escort7-87a.jpg (19349 bytes)1988 - Bought a 1983 Ford Escort and installed the 2 meter radio with the DB Products antenna on the right side of the hood.   A few years later, installed same in 1989 Ford Escort.   Installed a Kenwood TM-V7A 2/440 transceiver in a new 1998 Ford Escort Wagon.  

Back on HF mobile 37 years later

Hustler antenna

Hustler antenna on carSeptember 2, 2002 - Finished installation of new mobile rig in a 1998 Ford Escort Wagon.  Made contacts with CA fixed station and WA mobile on 20 meters. Car shown with 20 meter resonator on left antenna and right antenna is for 2 Meters and 440 MHz. Kept this antenna for a month and changed to a Tarheel Screwdriver shown below.   Back on HF mobile after 37 years. 

Drivers view of radiosSeptember 3, 2002 - Had contacts on County Hunters Net on 20 meters with Australia and several states. VK4AAR ran me in Pitt County for my first county run from the mobile. Also some contacts on the 40 meter CHN.
Interior view of car with Icom IC-706MKIIG all band transceiver to right of steering wheel and Kenwood TM-V7A 2/440 transceiver behind the steering wheel.   Click on pictures for larger version.

Tarheel Antennas - Model 200

Tarheel Screwdrive antenna Model 200October 10, 2002 - Installed new Tarheel Screwdriver Model 200 mobile antenna for HF.  It was really BIG on my little car!! Changed to a 3 foot version on October 30 (see the next picture below) although the 4 foot version of Screwdriver worked great. The bottom mount is bolted to the car chassis. Click on picture for larger version. Model 200 Instruction book


Tarheel Antennas - Model 100

October 30, 2002 - Went over to the Tarheel Screwdriver factory and had it shorten from a 4 foot model to the 3 foot Model 100.  Antenna mount is a foot higher and closer to the body of the car therefore the top of the antenna is the same height.  I think it looks much better now on the small car.  Great bunch of fellows at Tarheel Screwdriver and it's an outstanding antenna. On the 2 hour trip back home, made 67 contacts to 25 states and Germany on the County Hunter's Net on 20 meters.. Model 100 Instruction book Click on picture for larger version

Mounting details for Model 100 Tarheel Antenna on 1998 Ford Escort
Click on pictures for larger version.

View of mount and brace Closeup of mount

View of antenna mount next to left rear light. Upper brace can be seen with lift gate open.


Close view of bottom antenna mount.
Closeup of mount, taillight removed Closeup of brace mount
Bottom of mount
Tail light removed

The mount was made from a 2 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick steel cut from a 3 foot piece brought at a national hardware store. Two pieces were cut and bent to an L shape, then bolted together.

Upper brace for Tarheel antenna.
Rear lift gate open.

The brace was made from a 1 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick steel cut from a 3 foot piece brought at a national hardware store. The insulator rod is made from a length of delron.

Picture in the February 2003 CQ Magazine, page 52 Another rear view of the antenna on the car. This picture and the interior picture above are in the February 2003 CQ Magazine, page 52, in the new Mobiling column by AA6JR.


The Little Tarheel HP Antenna

Front view of car and Little Tarheel antennaAugust 6, 2004 - Installed new Little Tarheel HP Screwdriver mobile antenna for 40 through 6 meters.  Decided to go to a smaller antenna for my little car.  Back view of car and Little Tarheel Antenna.

Looks much better than the large antenna.  Use a 56 inch whip and reports have been very good. A few months later, a 14 inch whip was installed so can now drive in the garage without having to stop. The 14 inch whip will work from 6 to 30 meters, no 40. Have made many contacts using it running errands around town.  When on longer errands or trips, screw on the 56 inch whip with quick disconnects.  Click on pictures for larger version.  Model Little Tarheel HP Instruction book


Mounting details for Little Tarheel HP Antenna on 1998 Ford Escort 

Closeup of Little Tarheel antenna mount

Mount with liftgate closed

A bracket was made from a 2 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick steel cut from a 3 foot piece brought at a national hardware store.

View with the lift gate closed.  The mount was primed and painted to match the car.

Little Tarheel mount Screwdriver antenna controller

View from driver's side.

Screwdriver antenna controller.
Radio and antenna main power switch on left.

Click on pictures for larger version.

The Model 75A Tarheel Antenna

January 27, 2010 - Installed new Model 75A Tar Heel Screwdriver mobile antenna for 80 through 10 meters.  Wanted to get back on 75 meter mobile.  Have a 6 foot whip that came with it but also use a 56 inch whip. Also have an 11 inch whip that is on the car most of the time so I can drive in the garage without damage when the antenna is at minimum height.  The 11 inch whip will tune from 40 to 10 meters.  First contacts were made on 75 meters with very good signal reports.  Next day, worked NY, FL, IN, IL, MI and NE with 59 reports on 40 meters.  Also worked CA and WA on 20 with good reports.  It works!  Model 75A "Stubby" Instruction book

March 18, 2010 - Installed new mount and brace for antenna.  Used 3/16 inch steel bent to shape and painted.  Updated pictures with new installation. 

Note: A big advantage of the 75A is the speed of changing bands.  Most of the screwdriver antennas take about a minute to go from minimum height to maximum height.  The Model 75A will do it in about 30 seconds.   Going from the minimum height to 20 meters takes only about 5 seconds.   Changing from 20 to 40 meters only takes 7 seconds.  12 seconds from minimum height to 40 meters!  75 meters is about 20 seconds from 40 meters.  It uses the same motor as the larger Model 100 and Model 200 antennas that have a much longer coil to move.  I have been very happy with this antenna and the results. 

model75_car_frontt.JPG (17337 bytes)

View of Model 75A from front of car
Click on picture for large view


model75_car_backt.JPG (14983 bytes)

View of Model 75A from back of car.
Click on picture for large view

model75_mountt.JPG (13861 bytes)

Close-up of homemade mount from back with hatch closed.
Click on picture for large view

model75_mountdetailt.JPG (17204 bytes)

Close-up of homemade mount from back with hatch open showing mount and brace attachment points..
Click on picture for large view


August 12, 2016 - Removed radios and antennas from 1998 Ford Escort Wagon.  The car was over 18 years old with over 127,000 miles and several problems that required parts that were no longer made.   Another car replaced it on August 15, 2016.  Mobile radios may be added in the future but the installation will be a much bigger problem with all the electronics on the newer cars.  The Model 75A (my favorite Tarheel antenna) cannot be mounted properly but a Little Tarheel II will work if the HF radio is installed.    .

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