My name is Nicolae Crisan, Nicu (Nick) for short and I'm radio ham operator since 2000. My radio call sign is YO5OUC transmitting from KN16TS North Western region of Romania. I am leaving in Cluj-Napoca a nice city, placed between step hills and forests. I enjoy working especially in digital modes PSK31 and PSK63 mostly between 14 to 30 MHz. I'm an EPC member since 2013. I enjoy also antenna modeling and SDR programming. I have done some experiments/projects with SDR and antennas uptill now.

My other hobbies: mountains climbing and literature.
My station is YAESU 857D. I also have an HLA 300plus linear amplifier and a BB10V vertical antenna for HF radio band. My AT is made by LDG, that type with a microcontroller (Z100pluz Autotunner). 

I am an EPC member and I also have an eQSL (AG) account. I prefere eQSL's but I will mail QSL cards directly for everyone who send me one. No bureau, only directly sent to my adress which is:
Fabricii 5 , Bl. B5, Sc. 5, Ap. 159, PC 400620, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, EU

For more informations, one can also find me active on site.
My e-mail address is: [email protected] or [email protected]

I can operate (all modes) in these radio bands (Rx/Tx):
- 80 m (3.5-3.8 MHz), 40 m (7-7.2 MHz), 30 m (10.1-10.15 MHz), 20 m (14-14.35 MHz), 17 m (18.07-18.16 MHz), 15 m (21-21.45 MHz), 12 m (24.89-24.99 MHz), 10 m (28-29.7 MHz) up to 300 W output power (antenna -  BB10V).
- 6 m (50-54 MHz), 2 m (144-145 MHz) up to 50 W (dipole/Yagi 3 el.)
- 70 cm (420-450 MHz) up to 20 W (Yagi 6 el.)
- 23 cm (1240-1300 MHz) up to 500 mW (Horn+parab. refl. 0.4 m)
- (2300-2310 MHz) up to 15 dBm, (3300-3500 MHz), (5650-5925 MHz) up to 10 dBm (Horn+parab. refl. 0.4 m)
- 3 cm band (10-10.5 GHz) up to 1.5 W (Horn+parab. refl. 0.4 m)

Thank you for visiting my web site. Enjoy!
I am associate professor and I am with Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

I am teaching Microwaves and Antennas&RFID sensors. My expertize is in smart antennas and microwave aided computer modeling for telecommunications industry.

I am using HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator- by Ansoft)and ADS (Advance Design System - by Agilent).
Antenna modeling - 4NEC2    

Panoramic adaptor    

SDR experiment    

GNU radio - SDR experiment    

SDR without "SDR"    

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