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>> Here one can find my inplementation of the R8-Cushcraft anntena. The antenna was modeled in 4NEC2. 4NEC2 settings: Settings/Char-impedance 200 Ohms, Settings/Memory usage/Max-Nr of symbols 70. This antenna was modeled according to CUSHCRAFT specifications available at


Modeling comercial radio amateur antennas

R8-CUSHCRAFT by YO5OUC - Nicolae Crisan (posted April 18'th 2015)

Estimating Commercial Antenna Performance Through NEC Modeling
Other comercial antenna modeling site where one can find other comercial antennas:  


by Dr. Carol F. Milazzo, KP4MD
E-mail: [email protected]

Modeling home made shortened dual band coil-loaded dipole

Inverted - Vee shortened 4NEC2 sources (3.7 and 7.1 MHz at 24m long) (posted 01 September 2015)

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