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Electronica, Radioamatorism, Hobby                             

I hope you discover interesting things here, that will capture the attention and come back and elsewhere. My work focuses in the field of amateur radio in particular, construction of home-made electronics applied, and not least in the hobby. I like to experiment with new fixtures and everything practical to the radio. 


HT-950 All-Mode Transceiver

All-Mode Home-Made transceiver, 50W output, 9 bands frequency


QRP Transceiver

QRP transceiver, Si5351 DDS controled frquency VFO, 5W output dual band 3,5-7 MHz


FT-412 Home-Made Transceiver

Home-Made transceiver build by A412 old project. 30W output, AD9850 DDS controled VFO. 


Piriana Uliana

250W Linear Power Amplifier for HF frequencies, with EL509 vacuum tubes.


J-VNA Vectorial Network Analiser

This device is a Reflection / Transmission radio frequency spectrum analyzer, which can analyze a radio frequency circuit and display the parameters on a PC screen, on an Android device, or simply on its own 4x20 character alpha-numeric display.


RF-SNIPER by Antuino

Frequency scanner with graphical display in the range (0.1 ... 150) MHz inspired by the project "ANTUINO" by Ashhar Farhan - VU2ESE. This device is an RF bridge type radio frequency scanner.                        


VNA- Vectorial Network Analiser

Frequency spectral analyzer in the range (1000 ... 145000) KHz of RF bridge type


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