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24 May 2019

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I'm something of a packrat when it comes to radio gear - easily tempted, and reluctant to move things on. I am in particular a sucker for design excellence, and like to collect items that represent the best engineering and advanced design. I'm especially interested in early high-performance solid-state receivers.

Once I'd collected more than a dozen receivers, some of them quite interesting, I realized I was on my way to making a serious collection. Most of my collection are HF receivers, but I also have some interesting transceivers, VHF receivers, and a few very old broadcast radios worthy of mention.

The oldest in the collection dates from 1924, and I've examples from the 40, the 50s, and every decade since. I just wish I still had a few I passed on long ago - a Murphy B40, and a Marconi AD94, for example. But then, I'm having trouble finding space to display and operate the receivers I have! Most of the receivers in the collection are in operating condition.

The receivers are arranged in five pages, in approximate order of age. I've some interesting documentation for some of them, and next to none for others. But for every one, I have at least basic details, and a photo.

Many of the photos throughout this collection are much larger than displayed,
and if you click on the blue title under each picture, you will be able to see the image in full resolution.

Some of the older receivers - all operational

In the garage storage area

My messy operating desk

Remember - click on the legend below each picture for a magnified view.

To View the Collection

Since there are now about 60 radios in the collection, this review has been rearranged into five chronologically defined individual pages. Use the links at the top and bottom of each page, to explore the other pages. If you'd like to see the collection in person, free of charge, phone me or send me an email to make an appointment. I am here most days. I can demonstrate most of the receivers running on-air.

The location is wheel-chair accessible

How YOU Can Help

I would welcome any assistance in improving and enlarging this collection. Most of these suggestions by necessity will involve volunteers from the local area, say Northland, Auckland and the Waikato, but donations of receivers to the collection, and money to help pay for restoration, are welcome from anywhere. Information, manuals and schematics would also be most welcome.
  • Mechanical repair. Several of the receivers (example - the Eddystone 840A) require restoration work, which is mostly of a mechanical nature. If you enjoy this type of thing, let me know, as there is plenty of scope!
  • Electrical repair. Some of the receivers are non-going, but the cause is known (example - the Drake DSR-2). Others have problems yet to be investigated (example, the RACAL RA6790/GM). Here a volunteer would find the problem, source replacement parts, fit them and test the receiver. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Documentation. If you have brochures, manuals or schematics for any of the receivers in the collection where I have specifically mentioned being short of information, please let me know.
  • Receivers for the collection. I am always looking for further receivers, especially early solid state communications receivers. I prefer receivers designed and built to a high standard, or designs which have made a significant contribution to the development path of receiver design. Do you have a receiver you would like to donate? Do you have a receiver you would like to be part of the collection, even if it needs restoration? Would you like to see your receiver in a collection, even though you still own it and wish to maintain some control over its future? Do you have suggestions? Contact me. I am prepared to collect from anywhere in the North Island.
  • Exhibition space. I live in Waiuku, which is a little off the beaten track, and I'm looking for a venue where some of the collection can be housed occasionally, and where there is easier access. Waiuku already houses an important collection of military radio equipment thanks to Ross Jowitt ZL1UND, and is of course the home of the Glenbook Vintage Railway. Any suggestions?
If you wish to help in any way, please contact me by email.
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