My Other hobby is Radio Controlled Trucks
They start out as 1:14 scale Tamya trucks, then I modify them, to make them work as close to the real thing as it is possible to get at this scale. The controller is a Futarma 12 channel TX fully programmable here are some of the trucks I have made and trailers.
As can be seen on the Photo above there are to types of Scaina in the photo on the left is a series 4 and the other 2 center and right are the later R series, as Tamya only produce the R series I did the mods on the front grill and the steps into the cab and changed the lights in the front bumper.
This R series Scaina I am making a working tag axle on the rear.
With this Scaina bought as a 2 axle truck I made a new chassis to add 2 extra axles to make a heavy haulage 8x4 tractor unit making 2 steering axles and 2 driven axles, I also added a 4:1 reduction box into the drive train to give both a more realistic speed and a greater pulling power. I then built the Trailer from Ally and it has 12 steering axles 6 on each side. The 4 on the front of the trailer are steered by the movement on the fifth wheel and the rear ones are operated from the TX handset on the rear steering these can turn 45 degrees either side of center.
The whole setup is 2 meters long.
This one is 2 Renault Magnums 1 8x4 the rear 1 is a 6x4 and the Trailer has 12 steering axles in scale weight of the complete model would give you 254 Tonnes in real life, the over all length of the model is 2.7 Meters.
Both Magnums are scratch built cabs on Tamya running gear the tube is 1.5 Meters long, Both trucks are driving i.e. under power and all controlled on the 1 TX controller when it is set up like this all 12 channels are used, and you have to split your head into 3 parts when driving it, in simple terms, first go around corner with front unit then steer the trailer and then the rear unit.
Fitted a smoke generator in the fuel tanks then with a very small fan connected to the speed controller this allowed the smoke to build up in the tanks and filter out then as soon as the throttle moved the fan starts up to blow the smoke out of the tanks as truck moves less smoke comes out as you stop and idle the smoke builds up again.

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