My shack is in the front right corner of the Winnebago.                                 



First pic is the first setup after being moved out of van. The lower one is how I have things set up now in the awning.



                                  Dynascan 950P  10, 6, 2 Mts and 70cm FM                                                                         INTEK KT-980HP


 My Equipment is a Yeasu FT-450D into a Jetson Out-2 fixed at 4.5 Mts above ground, I also have a quad band Dynascan 950P  covering 10, 6, 2Mts and 70cm FM into a Diamond quad band mobile antenna, I also have a duel band handheld for 2Mts/70Cms.



                                    Yaesu FT-450D                                                                                                        LDG - Z100 Plus ATU


I run Ham Radio Deluxe for my HF rig control and Logging also I use the HRD 780 for SSTV and RTTY. Also Easypal for digital SSTV, I have also now started to use a JT65 program for HF its like moon bounce program. I am also useing Multipsk as well for weather fax,








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