At the moment I am using a Watson Multibander - 10, 80Mts to 144Mhz  it works quite well but if you need to change bands you have to move the fly lead and change the length, Hard if you are driving.

By the end of August I intend to buy a new base antenna it will be a Falcon Jetfon Out-2 it will cover 80 meters to 6 meters and it will be 3 meters above the ground.  I have to wait as Spanish summer holiday at the moment.

Well I now have my new antenna up and running, it seems to be working well, with an SWR of 1.5 to 1 over the coverage of the antenna from 80mts to 6mts, I have mounted it 4.5 mts above the ground and its fixed to the chassis via the tow bar of the Winnebago. On 20mts SSTV the pictures are clearer and also further away stations, and I have had a contact on 15mts into India, on the old antenna I could not hear that far.



















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