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DX Awards & Certificates
Please Note: Most of these awards are available to Short-Wave Listeners.

URA - Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans
  • Andorra Radioamateur Union 20th Anniversary Award
  • Andorra Radioamateur Union 25th Anniversary Award
  • Andorra Radioamateur Union 30th Anniversary Award
  • Andorra Radioamateur Union 35th Anniversary Award
  • C3 5W5 Award
  • XI Jocs Petits Estats D'Europa Award
Antarctic Award  Wireless Institute of Australia
Arctowski Antarctic Award & Honour Roll
Base "General Belgrano II" Award
Calling Antarctica 2021 Award  IK3GER
Certificado Antártico Argentino  Radio Club Argentino
International Polar Year Award  by I0OCD
Memorial Special Callsign EM150KV
RABA - Russian Antarctic Bases Award  Russian Robinson Club
Other Russian Awards:
- 200 years of Discovery of Antarctica
- Antarctic DX Trophy
- Antarctic Nations Trophy
- Antarctic QRP Trophy
- RABA Plaque of Excellence
- WWFF-World Flora Fauna - Antarctica Award
Terra Australis Incognita  Ukrainian Radio Clubs
The Flight Over The South Pole Diploma
The Frozen Continent Award  by IK3GER
UASAV - 10 Award
UASAV - 15 Award
WAAB - Worked Argentine Antarctic Bases  Radio Club Rio de la Plata
WAP - Worldwide Antarctic Program
WABA-FT8 - Worked Antarctic Bases Award
WAP A.S.E.A. Award  by I0OCD
WAP A.W.A. Award  by I0OCD
WAP-W.A.C.A. - Worked Antarctic Call Signs Award
WAP-W.A.D.A. - Worked Antarctic Directory Award
WAP Software  by IK6CAC

RASA - Russian Arctic Stations Award

Argentina Radio Club Awards
  • 101 Paises   - 101 Countries
  • CA - Certificado Argentino
  • CAA - Certificado Antartico Argentino
  • CEMA - Certificado Moviles Argentinas
  • CEMARA - Certificado Moviles Armada Argentina
  • CCC - Cinco Continentes Comunicados
  • LU 10 Doble Letra
  • RA - Republica Argentina
  • RCA - Radio Club Argentino
  • TPA - Todos Los Paises De America
  • TRA - Toda Republica Argentina
  • LU YL
Argentine Islands Award

Australia (including Tasmania): Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club Inc:
- Redcliffe City Award
- TOBAR Award
- VK9 Award

VK QRP Club:
- 10 Day QSO Award
- Milliwatts per Kilometre Award

  • Austrian - ÖVSV Awards
    • ADL-Diplom - Worked Austrian District Locators
    • DIG Diplom - W-DIG-OE
    • FIRAC-Diplom Austria - Worked Austrian FIRAC Members
    • Grossglockner-Diplom
    • HAOE - Heard All Austria
    • Jubiläums-Diplom 2018 (100 Jahre Republik)
    • OE50 Award (1955 - 2005)
    • OE100 - Worked 100 OE-Stations Award
    • ÖVSV 75 Award
    • UKW50 - Worked 50 Locator-Squares Award
    • UKW 1000 - Worked 1000 Stations
    • W 50 OE - Worked 50 OE Locator Squares on VHF/UHF
    • WAAS Award - Worked All Austrian States
    • WACD - Worked All Carinthian Districts
    • WAOE 160m - Worked All Austria on 160m
    • WAOE HF - Worked All Austria on HF
    • WAOE 100 HF
    • WAOE HQ Award - Worked All Austrian IARU HQ Stations
    • WAOE VHF-UHF-SHF - Worked All Austria on VHF-UHF-SHF
    • WAOE 100 VHF-UHF
    • WCQ Z15 - Worked CQ-Zone 15
    • WDRC Award - Worked Donau River Countries Award
    • WOEC Capitals Award - Worked Austrian Capitals
    • Worked Alpine Countries - Alpine Country Award
  • ÖVSV OE1 - Landesverband Wien
    • ACA - Austrian Cities Award
    • Wien Diplom - Vienna Award
    • WDRA - Worked Danube River Award
    • WPX 15 - Worked Präfix Zone 15 Award
AMRS Award  Austrian Military Radio Society

  • AGB Award Program
    • AP-Belarus Award - Airports of Belarus
    • Belarus Award
    • Belarus - 1944 Award
    • Belarussian in the World Award
    • CP Belarus Award - Castles and Palaces of Belarus
    • Double Calls Award
    • Francisk Skorina Award
    • Geralds of Belarus Award
    • Mirror Calls Award
    • Minsk-930 Award
    • Old Belarus Award
    • Old Minsk Award
    • PX-Belarus Award - Prefixes of Belarus
    • Twin Calls Award
    • WAARB Award - Worked all administrative regions of Belarus
    • W-AGB-M Award - Work AGB Members
    • YL Belarus Award
    • 25+ Award
    • 175 + 7 Award
Castles and Palaces of Belarus Award
W-28-M - Worked 28-Meridian Award
WARB - Worked All Republic of Belarus

14 - 18 Award  UBA
BAFARA Award  Belgian Air Force ARA
Belgian Castles and Fortresses Award - BCA
Belgian Lighthouse Award
Belgian Mill Award
Belgian Post Code Award  UBA
City Of The Playing Card Award (COPC)  ON6LY/OP4A
Le Diplôme du CFT  Diplome de Télégraphiste du Club Francophone Télégraphiste
WABP Award - Worked All Belgian Provinces  UBA

Bosnian Trophy Award

BRAZIL (CWSP Club Awards)
BRCW Award  CW award from Brazil
CWDF Award  CW award
DFH - Brazilian Historical Fortifications Award
Diploma CWYL - (CWSP YL)  CW award
Worked All Brazil - WABr
WMM - Worked Maritime Mobile Award  CW award
  • Thracian Rose Club Awards
    • BHS Bulgarian Historical Sites
    • 5 Year BHS Award (Bulgarian Historical Sites)
    • CA - Country Award
    • WTRCFD - Worked TRC French Departments
    • WTRCFR - Worked TRC French Regions
    • WTRCM - Worked TRC Members
    • W-TRC-20Y - Anniversary 20 years of the Thracian Rose Club
    • W-TRC-25Y - Anniversary 25 years of the Thracian Rose Club
5 Band LZ Award
Black Sea Award
Republic of Bulgaria Award
Sofia Award
The "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" Award
W-28-Z Award
Worked 100 LZ Award

Canadian Awards
  • Radio Club of Chile
    • Enrique Sazie Herrera (XQ3XX) Award
    • Pablo Neruda Award
    • Republic Of Chile Award
    • Worked All CE Administrative Regions - WACER
    • Worked All CE Call Areas - WACE
    • Worked All CE Provinces - WACEP
    • Zone 12 Award
CRSA (0-9) Award  Application and rules

Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados - LCRA    ALSO  Awards and rules

Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.):
The Commonwealth of Independent States Diploma

Costa Rica:
Diploma TTI (Todo Costa Rica)
TE45 - 45 Años de Radio Club

9A CW Award
Croatia County Award
Diplome 9A-QRP Kluba
Islands of Croatia Award  See "Islands - World Wide"
Worked 9A Locators Award
Worked 9A Prefixes Award

CW - Morse Code:
CW Only Awards

Czech Republic:
100 CS Award
CCA - Czech Castles Award
OKDX Foundation's Award
P 75 P Award  For working ITU Zones
S 6 S Award
W-DIG-OK Award  Worked DIG-OK Members

Bornholm Island Award
Cross Country Award
DIA - Danish Island Award
Danish Lighthouse Award
Danish SSTV DX Award
Fieldday Award
FTTF Award
Greenland Award
Halmstad-Helsinge Award
Hans Christian Andersen Award
OZ Locator Award
OZ Prefix Award
The Copenhagen Award
The Danish Underground Radio Award
The Lightship Fyrskib XXI Award
Worked Scandinavia on CW Award

DX (General):
Cass (WA6AUD) Award  New award to encourage DXpeditions
DX-Pedition Award  Sponsored by the Clipperton DX Club
Northern California DX Club Awards

Ecuador Diploma
Galapagos Diploma

Diploma "Sakala"
Estonia Award  Estonian Radio Amateurs Union (ERAU)
Summer Capital Award  Pärnu County ARC of ERAU

Europe (General):
BEPA - Belgian PSK Awards  European PSK Club
BQPA - Binary and Quadrature PSK Awards  European PSK Club
CERAC - Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club Awards  Council of Europe Radio Club
ECA - European Castles Award
EPCDL - EPC Deutschland PSK Awards  European PSK Club
EPCMA - EPC Members Awards  European PSK Club
EUAPA - European Areas PSK Awards
EUPSK - European PSK Award Programme  Scottish-Russian ARS  European PSK Club
Euro Award
EUSPA - European Stations PSK Awards  European PSK Club
EWWA - European World Wide Award  Council of Europe Radio Club
MGSPA - Maidenhead Grid Squares PSK Awards  European PSK Club
PHPA - Prefix Hunter PSK Award  European PSK Club
WANC - Worked All Nordic Countries Award
General Rules For SRAL Awards
  • OH awards
    • OHA
    • OHA-100
    • OHA-300
    • OHA-500
    • OHA-600
  • V/U/SHF Awards
    • OHA-VHF
    • OHA-VHF 144
    • OHA-UHF 432
    • OHA-SHF 1296
    • OHA-SHF 2300, 5650, 10000, 24000
  • YL Awards
    • Finnmaid
    • OH-YL 22
    • OH-YL 33
    • OH-YL 88
OH County Award
OH County Award - Counties List
The Lakes of Finland Award
Worked Contest Club Finland Award - WCCF

Diplôme de la ville de Nîmes  REF 30
Diplôme de l'Univers Francophone (DUF)  REF
Diplôme des Cantons Francais (DDCF)  French counties
Diplôme des Cathédrales de France (DCF)  Cathedrals of France
Diplôme des Châteaux et Domaines Varois  REF 83
Diplôme des Départements de la FRRPACA  REF 83
Diplôme des Départements et Territoires d'Outre-Mer (DDTOM)  REF
Diplôme des Départements Français de la Métropole (DDFM)  REF
Diplôme des Forts et Châteaux de France (DFCF)  Forts and Castles of France
Diplôme des Moulins de France (DMF)  Mills of France
Diplôme des Provinces Françaises (DPF et DPF2000)  REF
Diplôme des Terres Australes (DTA)  REF
Diplôme du Département du Rhône-Ville de LYON  REF 69
Diplôme du Département du Var  REF 83
Diplôme du Haut-Rhinois  REF 68
Diplôme FCW  REF
Diplôme Flandre 59  REF 59
Diplôme Vosges 88  REF 88
France Flora Fauna (FFF) Program  National Park Awards
French Prefix Diploma - D.PX.F
Le Diplôme "22"  IPARC - French section
WZ / SWL  Worked All Zones SWL
** Computer Software for Tracking French Awards  by F1AGW **

Award Gabon - Diplome Du Gabon    "click" here to see award

DARC and DIG Awards General Information
DARC DX Awards General Rules
DA0HQ Award
DARC-DL-YL-Diplom Classic
DARC-DL-YL-88 Diplom
Diplom "Sender Königs Wusterhausen"  by DL0KWH
DOK List  .pdf file
Dr. Watson Trophy  IPARC - German section
DSW - Diplom Sammler Waterkan
DSW Award 2000
DSW Knotboard
DSW Paddle
EUCW Award  European CW Association
EUCW Novice Award  European CW Association
EU POAR Award  European Ports on Amateur Radio
Europe Award
GMA - German Mountain Award
GMC - German Mountain Challenge
Holzhammer Diploma  Holzhammerclub G22
Organspende Award
Sherlock Holmes Award  IPARC - German section
The Tube Award
The Tunnel Award
The Worked All BCC Award (20 Years) - WABCC  Bavarian Contest Club
WAE - Worked All Europe
WAE Country List
Worked WRTC Qualification Regions (WWQR) Award  issued yearly (2015, 2016 and 2017)
WXBR - Worked 10 Bremen Radio Stations
20 QSO's with countries where Formula I races have been held since 1980. They are:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgiun, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain,
Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, South
Africa, Spai, Swiss and USA. GCR list + USD 10.00 (IRC is not valid) to: Hermann
Warneke, Feurewehrstr. 11, D-28857 SYKE, Germany.
Gibraltar: Greece:
Alexander The Great Award (ATGA) R.A.A.G. Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)
The Amphipolis Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)
The Balkan Countries Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)
The Europe Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)
The Orient Express Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)

Hong Kong:
Catch 22 Award
Firecracker Award
Nine Dragons Award

Balaton Diploma
HA-DD - Danubian Bent Award
HA-YL Award
Hungarian IPARC Award  International Police Association
Hungarian Railway Award
Pannónia Award
Sárrét Award
Szent István
Worked All Hungarian Counties - WAHUC
Worked All Hungarian Counties - List and Map
W-18-Z Award
  • IRA Awards Prgram
    • Iceland 50 Years Award
    • Iceland On Digimodes Award
    • Iceland On Six Meters Award
    • IRA 50 Years Award
    • IRA JOTA Award
    • IRA WANC Award
    • IRA Zone 40 Award
    • IRAA Award
    • The Iceland Award
India:  Updated
Contester of the Year Award
VU2VWN "Homebrewer of the Year" Award
VURunner" and "the BigCQ" Award for CQWW Contest
Worked All VU Award
Worked Republic of India (WRI) Award
Young Contester of the Year Award
  • Himalayan Series of Awards
    • Himalayan Mountain Animal Award (HMAA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Bird Award (HMBA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Flowers Award (HMFA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Glacier Award (HMGA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Gurudwara Award (HMGDA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Lakes Award (HMLA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Monasteries Award (HMMA)
    • Himalayan Mountain National Parks Award (HMNPA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Peaks Award (HMPeA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Passes Award (HMPaA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Range Award (HMRA)
    • Himalayan Mountain Temples Award (HMTA)
  • Indian Continental, Coastal, Heritage, Postal and Railway Awards
    • VU Heritage Award (VUHA)
    • Worked Bengaluru Award (WBA)
    • Himalaya Hind Sagar Railway Award (HSRA)
    • VU 10 Million Pin Award (VUPA)
    • Worked VU Contesters Award (WVUCA)
    • Worked VU Flora Fauna Award (WVUFFA)
    • Worked Coastal Islands of India Award (WVUCIA)
    • Worked Andaman Islands Award (WAIA)
    • Worked Andaman-Nicobar Islands Award (WANIA)
    • Worked Lakshadweep Islands Award (WLIA)
    • Worked Lakshadweep-Minicoy Islands AWAR (WLMIA)
    • Worked Andaman, Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Minicoy and Coastal Islands Award (ANNILAMICI)
    • SAARC Amateur Radio Award (SAARA)
All Borneo Award
Asian African Conference Award (AAC Award)  ORARI West Java
Indonesia YL Award  YB6DX community
Kinabalu Award
Brendan Trophies, Shields and Plates  IRTS
Cork Radio Club DX Award
Shamrock Award  IPARC - Irish section
Trophies & Cups  IRTS
Worked All Ireland Award  IRTS
Worked EI Counties Award  IRTS
70 MHz (4m) Awards  IRTS

Islands - World Wide:
IOTA - Islands On The Air Award Program
Island Awards - DIB, DIFO, DIP, IIA, ILIA, IOCA, IOSA and more

4X2K Award
  • Israeli (IARC) Awards  For Radio Amateurs And Short-Wave-Listeners
    • 4X4=16 Award
    • Kiryat Ono Award
    • Nazareth Illit "SHALOM" Award
    • Shalom 2000 Award
    • The Holyland Award
    • The Israeli Award
    • The Israel Digital Award
    • The Jerusalem Award
    • The Rishon Le'Zion Award
    • The Tel-Aviv Award
Israel Mountains Award Program  This program is dedicated for chasing 4X Mountains

Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA) Award Program -
  The Israel Amateur Radio Club (I.A.R.C) is proud to announce a new national award program entitled:
Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA).
  This program will include amateur radio operations from numerous sites of major Christian
significance. The sites were selected based on well documented research and archeological history
as documented in the Holy Bible and other Christian works. We believe that the connection of
operating from these holy sites will not only appeal to Christian amateur radio operators but
to amateurs of all faiths and beliefs.
  The program accreditation will be built from 'blocks' of sub-awards derived from specific
geographic locations. Activities will run throughout the year with special operations mainly
during Christmas and Easter.
  The HOCOTA Program will commence during Christmas 2016 (23-25 December) by Four special
event multi operator stations. The current sub-program is called the 'Jesus Miracles Award'.
Within this block of the HOCOTA Program we'll start with some of the most significant miracles
that Jesus Christ performed around the Sea of Galilee.
  Therefore, the Christmas 2016 operation shall include:
 1. 4X9XMAS - Tabagha -
 2. 4X7XMAS - Kursi -, Golan Heights
 3. 4X3XMAS - Mount of Beatitudes - of Beatitudes
 4. 4X2XMAS - Yardenit -
  QSL information as well as program rules will be published separately.
  Awards - Our goal is to enable automatic award opportunities and we are also considering
the availability of an impressive, unique plaque.
4Z4DX - Dov Gavish - IARC Special Events Manager
4Z1RZ - Zurial Rienstien - IARC President

Adriatic Sea land Award  ARI Canosa
Alitalia Award  ARI Ostia
Amerigo Vespucci Award  IK3GER
Antiche vie della Seta Award  ARI Lomazzo
Arezzo Award  ARI Arezzo
ARFoPI Award  IPARC - Italy section
Artisti Italiani Award  IK3GER
Artisti Italiani - Boccaccio Award  IK3GER
ASC Award  ASC - SASC Award (aka New ARI Sections Award)
Augusto Righi Award  ARI Casalecchio di R.
Basilica di San Marco Award  IK3GER
Calabrian Provinces Award  .pdf file  ARI Pizzo Calabro
C.A.P. - Codice Avviamento Postale Award  IK3GER
CDM - Certificato del Mediterraneo
CDM - Certificato del Mediterraneo Province List
CDM - Certificato del Mediterraneo Country List
CDXA "Cassino Città della Pace"  ARI Cassino
Christmas Day Award 2019  IK3GER
Città d'Arte Award  IK3GER
Città del Tricolore Award  ARI Reggio Emilia
Città del Vaticano Award  IK3GER
Città di Lodi Award  ARI Lodi
Città di Rimini Award  ARI Rimini
Città di S. Daniele Award  ARI Udine
Colosseum Award  IK3GER
CTS - Castles and Towers of Sicily Award
DAI - Diploma delle Abbazie Italiane (Italian Abbeys Award)
DAV - Diploma degli Ambienti Vulcanici  Volcanic Environment Award
DCI - Italian Castles Award  ARI Mondovì
DCI - Italian Castles List
DCI - Italian Castles Software  Freeware by IK6CAC
DCP - Diploma dei Castelli Della Puglia  ARI Taranto
DCPC - Cuneo Province Castles Award
Diploma Città di Cervia Millennium Edition  ARI Cesena
Diploma dei Quadratoni  ARI Perugia
Diploma delle Province Calabre  ARI Pizzo Calabro
Diploma Five Stelle  ARI Cesena
Diploma I4HJ Memorial  ARI Ferrara
Diploma Laghi Italiani  ARI Ivrea
Diploma Of Merit Award  IK3GER
Diploma Riti Settimana Santa 2005  ARI Taranto
DLI - Italian Lakes Diploma
DLI Software  by Gabriele (I5-1990)
Dolomiti Award  ARI Feltre
Etruria Award  IK3GER
EURA - European Union Regions Award  ARI Busto Arsizio
EURA Software  Freeware by IK6CAC
Euro Countries Award  IK3GER
Faenza Award  ARI Faenza
Fire Belt Award  I0OCD
Gaius Iulius Caesar Award  IK3GER
Giostra della quintana Award  ARI Foligno
Gold Sardinia Award  ARI Porto Torres
Guglielmo Marconi Award  ARI Bologna
Guglielmo Marconi Award "Centenary"  A.R.I. Bologna
Gran Paradiso Award  ARI Aosta
I4HIJ Award  ARI Ferrara
IDCA - Italian Districts by Castles Award  ARI Busto A
IDCA - Italian Districts by Castles Award Converter  DCI and communes into IDCA code
I.N.O.R.C. Award  Italian Naval Old Rhythmers Club
IPHG - International Pharmacists Ham Group Awards
Italian Island Awards
ITA - Italian Towns Award  ARI Pompei (Italian language)
IVA - Italian Volcanoes Award
La Gondola Award  IK3GER
Le Alpi Italiane Award  IK3GER
Lecce Terra d'Otranto Award - LTO  ARI Lecce
Legioni Romane Award  IK3GER
Leonessa d'Italia Award  ARI Brescia
Liguria Award  ARI Sanremo
Marco Polo Award  ARI Catanzaro
Marconist Award  ARI Loano
My Birthday Award  IK3GER
My Call Award  IK3GER
My Logbook Award  IK3GER
Palio di Ferrara Award  ARI Ferrara
Papa Giovanni XXIII Award  ARI Bergamo
Parco del Gargano Award  ARI Foggia
Po River Award  IK3GER
Pontinian Archipelago Award  ARI Latina
Province Calabre Award  ARI Pizzo Calabro
Provincia di Caserta Award  ARI Caserta
Sailing Ham Award  IK3GER
Sardegna Award  Com. Reg. Sardegna
Sardinia Award
Scuba Ham Award  DX Holiday
Serenissima Award  ARI Venezia
Seven Lakes Award
Spoleto Award  ARI Spoleto
Square JN63 Award  ARI Macerata
Teatro Greco Award  ARI Siracusa
Terni Plate Award  ARI Terni
The Long Call Award  IK3GER
The "Maria Dolens" Award  ARI Club Rovereto (Trentino)
TMA - Ten Meter Award  ARI Cesena
Top List (Top DXers' Award)
Trieste Città d'Europa Award  ARI Trieste
Tridentum Award  ARI Torino
Unità d'Italia Award  ARI Torino
Varese Award  ARI Varese
Vele Romane Award  IK3GER
Ville Venete Award  ARI Mestre
W-100-I - Worked Italian Stations Award  IK3GER
W-IARU-C - Worked IARU Countries Award  IK3GER
Worked WARC Bands Città di Carpi Award
WACS - Worked All Caribbean Sea Plaque
WAEP - Worked All European Prefix  ARI Pomigliano
WAEZS  - Worked All European Zone Satellite  ARI Macerata
WAI - Worked All Italy Award  IK3GER
WAICS - Worked All Italian Club Stations  ARI Forma
WAIP - Worked All Italian Provinces
WAIP - Worked All Italian Provinces List & Map
WAIR - Worked All Italian Regions  ARI Sezione di Ivrea
WAIS - Worked All Italian Squares  ARI Busto Arsizio
WAIS - Worked All Italian Squares Maps  by IK2UVR
WAIS - Worked All Italian Square Software  by IK3QAR
WAIZ - Worked All Italian Zip Codes  .pdf file  ARI Pescara
WAIZ - Worked All Italian Zip Codes Software  Freeware by IK6CAC
WALP - Worked All Latinum Province  ARI Anzio-Nettuno
WAMC - Worked All Monferrato Castles Award  ARI Casale
WAN - Worked All Nobel  ARI Gorizia
WARC Città di Carpi  ARI Carpi
WASP - Worked All Sicilian Province  ARI Palermo
WERT - Worked Europe Roof Top  .pdf file  ARI Aosta
W.I.C. - Worked Italian Communes Award  IK3GER
W.I.L.C. - Worked Italian Large Cities Award  IK3GER
W.I.P. - Worked Italian Ports Award  IK3GER
W.I.PFX - Worked Italian Prefixes Award  IK3GER
W.I.S. - Worked Italian Seas Award  IK3GER
Wiseacre Award  Microsoft Word document
W.I.ZIP - Worked Italian ZIPs Award  IK3GER
Worked Italian Grid Squares Award  IK3GER
Worked Northern Hemisphere Award  IK3GER
Worked Southern Hemisphere Award  IK3GER
World Amateur Radio Day 2021 Award  IK3GER
WWWSP - Worked World Wide Special Prefixes  .pdf file  ARI Foggia
YOTA 2019 Award  IK3GER
YOTA Month 2020 Award  IK3GER

General Rules for JARL Awards
Area Prefectures Map & List for WAJA  .pdf file
Asian Entities Map & List
ADXA - Asian DX Award
ADXA-Half - Asian DX Award Half
AJA - All Japan Award
AJD - All Japan Districts Award
HAC - Heard All Continents Award  SWL
HACA - Heard All Cities Award  SWL
HAGA - Heard All Guns Award  SWL
HAJA - Heard All Japan prefectures Award  SWL
JARL Award Master
JARL Stations Awards
JCC - Japan Century Cities Award
JCC - Japan Century Cities List
JCG - Japan Century "Guns"
JCG - Japan Century "Guns" List
Ku List  .xls file
Satellite "Fuji" Award
SWL VU-1000 - VHF/UHF  (1,000...10,000)
VU-1000 - VHF/UHF  (1,000...10,000)
WACA - Worked All Cities Award
WAGA - Worked All Guns Award
WAJA - Worked All Japan prefectures Award
WARC - 1000 Award  (1,000...10,000)
WASA - Worked All Squares Award HF
WASA - Worked All Squares Award V/U/SHF
Zenkoji Gokaicyo Award
10 MHz - 100 Award
18 MHz - 100 Award
24 MHz - 100 Award
50 MHz - 100 Award
144 MHz - 100 Award
430 MHz - 100 Award
1200 MHz Award
2400 MHz Award
5600 MHz Award
10 GHz Award
24 GHz Award
47 GHz Award
75 GHz Award

Traveller Award  Russian language
West-Ost Award  English language
2002 FIFA World Cup Award Program  English language

AKA - All Korean Award
AKDN - All Korea District Number Award
APA - All Province Award
Daramji Award
DMZ - Demilitarized Zone Award
Friendship Award
GSA - Greenscouts Award
HLA - HL Award
  • Inchon Award Program
    • All Inchon Award (AIA)
    • All Year Award (AYA)
    • Inchon Award (IA)
    • Special Award (SEA)
    • YL Operator Award (YL-OP)
KDN - Korea District Number Award
KDN - Korea District Number List
KIA - Korea Insam Award
KNMA - KARL New Millennium Award
Korea Ladies Amateur Radio Club Award
Korea SSTV Award
Puyo Memorial Award
Satellite (AMSAT) Award
The City of Filial Piety - Suwon Award
The Gippoon Soshik (Good News) Award
84-Net Award
2002 Asian Game Memorial Award

Kyrgyzstan Award  Amateur Radio Union of Kyrgyzstan

Kuwait Award  Kuwait Amateur Radio Society

Diploma Latvija
Latvia RIGA-800 Award
LATVIJAI-80 Award  80th Anniversary of Independence of the Latvia State

Lighthouses - World Wide:
Lighthouse Awards
Iveria Amateur Radio Club Awards
  • Georgia Award
  • Iveria Award
Baltic Sea WPX Trophy  Vytautas Magnus University R. C.
Baltic States WPX Trophy  Vytautas Magnus University R. C.
Baltic Way Award  LRMD
Birzai R.C. Award  Birzai Radio Club
Kaunas Award  Kaunas Radio Club
KRC Award  Kaunas Radio Club
Lithuanian Prefixes Award  LY2MW
Lithuanians in the World Silver Award  Birzai Radio Club
Lithuanians in the World Gold Award  Birzai Radio Club
LY 2004 Europa  LRMD
LY Prefix Hunter Trophy  Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club
LY Trophy  LRMD
LY WPX Trophy  Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club
LY WPX Trophy Honor Roll  Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club
LY-WW-Locator Award  Kaunas Radio Club
Saule Award  Radio Club Vytis
Saule VHF Award  Radio Club Vytis
Varpas Award  Varpas Radio Club
Vasario 15-osios Award  Radio Club Vytis
Vilnius Award
Vytes Award  Radio Club Vytis
WAL - Worked All Lithuania Award Program
Worked LDXG Members Award - W-LDXG-M
World Lithuanian Sport Games Award  LRMD
WLS Award  Kaunas Radio Club
YL WPX Trophy
6 LY Prefixes on 5 Bands Award  LY2MW

European Community Award
Independency Award
Luxembourg - Cultural City Of Europe 1995 Award
LX Award (HF & VHF)
RL 50 Jubilee Award

MDX-Award  Macedonia DX Group
MARL Awards (9H1MRL)  Award Manager - Paul 9H1SP
  • Maltaward
  • Mediterranean_Award
  • Worked All Malta
FMRE Awards  Mexican Federation of Radio Experimenters
  • 6 Bands, Zone 6 - (6B Z6 Program)  Spanish language
  • Diploma 6Z6  Spanish language
  • Diploma América  Spanish language
  • Diploma México  Spanish language
  • WAXE - Worked All XE  Spanish language
Worked All Moldova Trophy  Assotiatia Radioamatorilor din Moldova (ARM)

Morse Code - CW:
Morse Code (CW) Only Awards

  • VERON Awards
    • PACC Award - PA Century Club
    • PAMC Award - PA Mille Club
    • HEC Award - Heard European Countries Award
    • LCC Award - Listeners Century Club
    • PA6HQ / PH6Q Award
Polder Certificate 2000 Award
The Dutch Police Regions Award  IPARC - Dutch section
Waterland Award
Windmill Award  IPARC - Dutch section
Worked Dutch Kingdom Certificate (WDKC)  DARU (Dutch Amateur Radio Union)
New Zealand:
  • New Zealand National Awards
    • CJC - Captain James Cook Award
    • ENZART (A Prestige Award To Honour NZART)
    • IARU Region III Operating Award
    • MIA - Minor Island Award
    • National Parks Award
    • NZ Armed Services Award
    • NZA - New Zealand Award
    • NZART Century Award
    • NZART Guiding Light Award
    • NZC - New Zealand Counties
    • NZLA - New Zealand Lakeside Award
    • NZR Regions Award
    • Tiki Award
    • VHFCC - VHF Century Club
    • WAD - A VHF Award
    • WAP - Worked All Pacific
    • WAP - Five Band WAP
    • WAZL - Worked All New Zealand
    • ZL1 Award
    • ZL2 Award
    • ZL3 Award
    • ZL4 Award
    • "5 x 5" - Five by Five
  • NZART Branch Awards
    • Aotearoa Postcode Award
    • Bay of Plenty Award
    • Christchurch Award
    • City of Dunedin Award - Branch 30
    • Fiordland National Park Award
    • Gisborne Award
    • Golden Shears Award
    • Intruder Watch Award
    • Kapiti Branch Award
    • Lakeside Award
    • Maidenhead Locator Award
    • Manawatu Amateur Radio Society Windmill Award
    • Manawatu Award
    • Marlborough Festival Week Award
    • NZWARO Century Award
    • NZWARO Mountain Buttercup Award
    • Old Timers Award
    • Papakura Radio Club "21" Award
    • Railways Award
    • Reefton-Buller Award
    • Taranaki Award
    • Te Puke A.R.C. Branch 53 Visiting Amateur Award
    • The Christchurch A.R.C. Branch 05 Brasspounders Club Award
    • The Rhododendron Festival Award
    • The Rosetown of New Zealand "Grand Award"
    • The Tane Mahuta Award
    • The Wellington Amateur Radio Club Inc. Branch 50 Award
    • The ZL1FND Far North Avocado Festival Award
    • Upper Hutt Award
    • Wairarapa Regional Award
    • Waitara Branch Award
    • Waitomo Award
    • Wanganui Award
    • WARO Award
    • WARO Achievement Award
WANCA - Worked All Norwegian Communes Award
100 LA Award

Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society Silver Jubilee Award

Paraguay (ZP) Awards Program
  • Radio Club Paraguayo
    • AMCA - All Mediterranean Countries Award
    • AZ-11-PX - All Zone 11 Prefixes Award
    • CRCP - Certificado Radio Club Paraguayo
    • DDP - Diploma Departamentos Del Paraguay
    • Diploma ZP3
    • DP - Diploma Paraguay
    • DSA - Diploma Sud America
    • TCCA - Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn Award
    • WAZP - Worked All ZP Award
    • ZP100, ZP150, ZP200, ZP250, ZP300, ZP350, ZP400, ZP450, ZP500 Awards
  • Radio Club Filadelfia - ZP1FF (RCP's affiliate)
    • Diploma ZP1
    • Fortines Del Chaco Award
Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow (PZK) Awards
General Award Rules
PZK Award Series:
AC15Z - All Countries 15 Zone Award
Arctowski Antarctic Award
European Union SP Award
Hunter PZK Awards
Poland 136 kHz Award
Poland Without Borders Award
Polska Award
Pope John Paul II Pilgrimages
Prefixes-SP Award
SN0HQ-I Award
SN0HQ-II Award
SP - 50 MHz Award
SP Great Cities Award
SPAC - Polish Award Club
SPPA - SP Powiat Award
W21M - Worked 21 Meridian Award  Award Manager - Andy, SQ7B
SP9JPA Blog  A wealth of award info by Henryk, SP9JPA

Bartolomeu Dias Award
CRC - Cascais County Award
CT-WPX Portugal Prefix Award and Plaque
CTDX 100
CTFF-DPRN - Portuguese Reserves and Natural Parks Award
DCFP - Castles and Fortresses of Portugal Diploma
DCFP - List of Portuguese Castles and Fortresses
DCFP Honour Roll
Diploma Vasco da Gama
Diploma 100 CT
DMHP - Portuguese Monuments Award
DMHP - Portuguese Monuments List
Grupo Português DX Members Award
Lisbon City Award
Planetarium Plaque
Portuguese Navigators Plaque
  • Pro-CW-Club Awards Program
    • All Continents Certificate
    • Antarctida Certificate
    • Black Sea Islands
    • El Rey de Tierra del Fuego
    • Ion Paulat Memorial
    • North Pole Certificate
    • Petrache Poenaru Memorial
    • Pontus Euxinus Certificate
    • Roumania Historical Certificate
    • Roumania Globe-Trotters Certificate
    • Roumania Radio & Telegraph Anniversary
    • Sibiu County Certificate
    • YO-PX-C
Romanian Fortress On The Air (RFA)
The Semenic Mountain Award

  • LRC-R3GT Award Program:
    • Admiral
    • Admiral Nahimov
    • Antarctica
    • City - Heroes
    • Great Victory
    • KOCMOC - 55
    • Lebedayn 400 year
    • M.i. Kutuzov
    • Order of the "Glory" 1 Degree
    • Order of the "Glory" 2 Degree
    • Order of the "Glory" 3 Degree
    • P-15-P
    • R1FL - 90 years
    • Radio
100 DAT-QTH Award
400 years of Smolensk Fortress Award
ARKTIKA - V Pennant
City-Fortress Azov Award
COTA Russia - Castles On The Air Award
DAT - Diplom of Arctic Travel
Diploma "CHEKHOV"  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Diploma Golden Ring  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
FJL - Franz Josef Land
Gallery of the Great Genius of Russia (GGGR)  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
GLORIA -  Grid Locators Of Russia International Award
Koporje Castle Award
Kronshtadt Fortress Award
Kulikovo Pole Award  Russian language
Kuznetsk Fortress Award
MIR Achievement Award  Mir space station
My World Award Program  West Siberia DX Club - WSDXC
PETER - I Award  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
RAA Award
RAA Gold Medal
RAA 10 Award
RAC - Russian Caves Award
RANT - Russian Antarctic Award
RAO - Russian Astronomical Observatory Award
RAR - Russian Rivers Award
RASA - Russian Arctic Stations Award
RCA - Russian Castles Award
RD - Russian Desert Award
RDA - Russian Districts Award
RFF - Russian Flora-Fauna Award
RMA - Russian Mountain Award
RPOL - Russian Arctic Award
RV - Russian Volcanoes Award
RWF - Russian Waterfalls Award
RZOO - Russian Zoo Award
R-MM-A - Russian Maritime Mobile Award
R-WPX-A  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Russian Aerocraft Mobile Award
Russian Baltica Award
Russian National Award Program
National Russian Awards Program - GREEN RUSSIA
Tula Award  Russian language
Viatka 625 Award
Worked Russian Special Stations Award  Kuzbass DX Group awards programme
W-18-Z Award  Kuzbass DX Group awards programme
W-NC-A - Worked Northern Caucasus Award
W-RRC-A - Worked RRC Members Award    "click" here to see award

San Marino:
San Marino Castles Award (with Endorsement)

Saudi Arabia:
Worked 7Z5OO on 9 Bands Award  Endorsement for 6 meters, to make it 10 bands

Celtic Knot Award  GMDX Group
WASP - Worked All Scottish Prefixes  GMDX Group

Uzice Award  Celebrating Uzice City Day. October 1st to October 16th, annually.

Etna Vincenzo Bellini  .pdf file  ARI Catania
Syracusae Greek Theatre Award  .pdf file  ARI Siracusa
WASP - Worked All Sicilian Provinces Award  .pdf file  ARI Palermo

Slovak Castles Award

Worked IPARC S5 Members Award  IPARC - Slovenia section

South Africa:
All Africa Award  SARL
Flamingo Award  IPARC - South African section
SARL Top Band Certificate  SARL
WAZS - Worked All South Africa Award  SARL
ZS Call Zones
Comarcas Aragonesas  URE
Comarcas C. Valenciana  URE
Comarcas de Galicia  URE
Diploma CIA  URE
Diploma España  Worked All Spain - URE
Diploma Lagos de Espana - DLE  Spanish Lakes Award
Diploma Municipios Españoles - DME  URE
Diploma TTLOC  Worked All Locator - URE
Diploma TPEA  Worked EA Provinces - URE
Diploma 100 EA CW  URE
Programa EADX 100  EADX100, 5BEADX100 - URE

Special Events:
Special Event Certificates

Archipelago ok Karlskrona Award  LEYAR Yachting and Radio Club (LYRC)
Diploma Sweden  Nyköping ARC
Field Award
HASA - Heard All Sweden Award  SWL
Morokulien Award  ARIM
SI9AM Award  King Chulalongkorn Memorial ARS
SCA - Swedish Commune Award
SLA - Swedish Locator Award
SSA Activity Award
The Freebooter's Statuette  Freebooter's Radio Club
The Salt Water Award  Hisingens Radioklubb
WASA - Worked All Sweden Award
WAV - Worked All Västerås Award  Västerås Radioklubb

APL - Activity Portable Lakes
APL-WASL - Worked All Swiss Lakes
DCTI - Ticino Castles Award
HTC Award  Helvetia Telegraphy Club
Locarno Award
Matterhorn Award  IPARC - Swiss section

USKA Awards
  • Helvetia Award
  • Switzerland Award
  • WASD - Worked All Swiss Districts
  • WASPC - Worked All Swiss Postal Codes
  • H26FT8 Helvetia by FT8
Tonga DXpedition Award

World Kidney Day Award (2012)  by TCSWAT
TA2J - SK Award (2011  by TCSWAT
World Universities Congress 2010 Award  by TCSWAT
Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Award  by TCSWAT
TA2J (SK) award  by TCSWAT

Ukrainian Caves Award
Ukrainian Mountains Award
URFF - Worked Nature Reserves of Ukraine Award

U.K. - England:
H.F. -
CQ Awards Checkpoint  See bottom of page
DXCC Field Checking in the UK
General Rules for RSGB HF Awards
BARTG Awards British Amateur Television Club
  • Receiving Award
  • Transmitting Award
Burnham Beeches Radio Club
  • BBCC - Burnham Beeches Century Club
  • BBNA - Burnham Beeches Novice Award
  • BBVU - Burnham Beeches VHF/UHF Award
C.A.S.H.O.T.A. - Castles and Stately Homes on the Air
Commonwealth Century Club Award (CCC)
DARC, AMRAD & RSGB 136kHz Transatlantic Challenge
DX Listeners' Century Award (DXLCA)  SWL
IARU Region 1 Award
RSARS - Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society
  • Any Mode Award
  • CW Award
  • Data Mode Award
  • G3SIG - RSARS British Isles Award
  • Overseas Century Award
  • QRP Award
  • RSARS WAC Award
  • RTTY/AMTOR Award
  • Special Award
  • The "Chairman's Choice" Trophy
  • The Five Fifty-Nine Trophy
  • The G4SXF Trophy
  • The "GW2OP" Trophy
  • The Le Touquet Trophy
  • The N2DAN Key Award
  • The RSARS "MOP" Award
  • The RSARS "QRP" Trophy
  • The RSARS "Yeoman" Award
  • VHF Award
RSGB Centenary Award 2013
The IMD Award - International Marconi Day  Cornish ARC
The Nevada Cup - RSGB LF Experimenter's Award

W.A.B. - Worked All Britian
WAC - Worked All Continents
WITUZ - Worked ITU Zones Award
136kHz RSGB Award

VHF/UHF/Microwaves -
General Award Rules
Counties List for V/U/SHF Awards
District Codes for V/U/SHF Awards
Africa Award  UKSMG
Asia Award  UKSMG
Counties and Countries Award (Mircrowave)
Digital Award  UKSMG
Distance Award (Mircrowave)
DX Countries Award
Europe Award  UKSMG
Foundation Award
Full Moon Award  UKSMG
Intermediate Award
New Moon Award  UKSMG
North America Award  UKSMG
Oceania Award  UKSMG
Senior & Standard Awards
South America Award  UKSMG
Squares Award (50MHz)
Squares Award (70MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz)
Squares Award (Mircrowave)
The 'Six on Six' Award  by K1SIX
2-Way Countries Award

Home Haven Award
SUDA - Sumshchiny Districts Award
The Crimea Award
Ukraine 2000 Award
Ukrainian Castles Award
Ukrainian Fortersses Award
URDA - Ukrainian Districts Award
WAU - Worked All Ukraine
Worked DIG members of the Ukraine
75 Years of Lviv Shortwave Club

33 Orientales Award
Certificado 19 Departamentos

U.S.A. Awards

Radio Club Venezolano -
Diploma DX 100, DX 200, DX 300
Diploma YV9
Diploma YV 100, YV 200, YV 300
Venezuelan States Award - D.E.V.

World Wide (General):
Cass Award  Presented annually
GMA Awards and Certificates  Global Mountain Award
Grid and Prefix Awards Program - GAPA  Radio Amateurs, HAMS and SWL Operators  new (1K)
K1BV's Awards Directory
Lions Award  Brave Radio Friends
The Yasme Award  The Yasme Foundation
WCA - World Castles Award Program
WWFF - WorldWide Flora & Fauna in Amateur Radio  replaces old WFF (wff44) program - Lots of improvements!
Worked All Collins Award  Collins Radio Association
World Amateur Radio Day  Annually on April 18th
World Lakes Award  by EA5OL

YL - OM:
YL/OM Awards

HAYUG - Heard All Yugoslavia  SWL
Lajkovac Award
Valva Award
WAYUG - Worked All Yugoslavia Award
Worked All Yugoslavia VHF/UHF Award