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County Hunter Nets
The easiest way to find people who are also interested in county hunting is the county hunting nets. The operation of the net usually follows a regular cycle of events and is similar to a DX net operation. The net frequencies are as follows:

( * = Primary regular nets).
SSB:  3903; 7185; 7243; 14336 ( * ); 21338; and 28336 kHz.
CW:  3556.5; 7056.5; 10122.5; 14056.5 ( * ); 21056.5 and 28056.5 kHz.

The 20 meter nets operate from early morning until late in the evening. The 20 meter CW net has become active most of the time too. If the net is not heard when tuning 14.336, do not assume that the net is not in session. The net control or a mobile running his / her county, may be too close for you to hear. Don't jump in without listening first! The nets exist primarily to provide mobile stations a protected frequency to run counties, and a place for fixed stations to meet and work the mobiles. The net is run by a Net Control Station (NCS), and an assistant. Actual contacts are contest style - that is, a rapid exchange and verification of signal reports, and then work the next station. Fixed stations do not usually run their county on the nets unless there is no other activity.

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