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CW Operation & Links
A1 CLUB  Japan CW club
AGCW - Germany
ARRL A-1 Club  Would you like to be an A-1 operator?
CTC - Croatian Telegraphy Club
CW Club RBN Spotter  by PA4N
CW Philippines Home Page (DX1CW)
CW - The Once and Future Mode  by N1FN
CWJF Group (PY4KL)  largest South American CW Group
CWops - The CW Operators' Club  Home of the mini-CWT and CW Open
CWops CW Academy  CW training for the beginner, improve proficiency, for those that want something new
DTC - Deutscher Telegrafie Club  Germany
EHSC - Extremely High Speed Club
EUCW - Euopean CW Association
FISTS CW Club Headquarters  U.K. and Europe
FISTS 'Downunder'  Australia and New Zealand
FISTS East Asia Chapter
FOC Home Page  First Class CW Operators
GACW - Argentine CW Group
G0HGA Home Page
GTC - Greek Telegraphy Club  SV-CW-C
High Speed CW via Meteor Scatter
Hong Kong Morse Communications Association  VR2CWA
HSC - High Speed Club
HTC - Helvetia Telegraphy Club  Switzerland
Japanese CW Spirit
Japanese Morse Code
K9YA Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club  Home of the K9YA Telegraph e-Zine
MEGS - Morse Enthusiasts' Group Scotland
Morsum Magnificat Website  useful "Beginners and Improvers" section
NAQCC - North American QRP CW Club  Free lifetime membership!
NuMorse - NuMorse Pro - NuCode
NW7US Morse Code Radio Center  Excellent CW site by Tomas, NW7US  Under Construction
PA3BWK's Ultimate Morse Code Website  Official home of HSC, VHSC, SHSC and EHSC
Pro-CW-Club International  Romania
Radio Telegraphy  history, keys, operations, technology - all the links to the world of CW
R-CW-C - Russian CW Club
SHSC - Super High Speed Club
SOWP - Society of Wireless Pioneers
SOWP High Speed Code Practice
The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy 3rd Edition  by William G. Pierpont, N0HFF
UFT - French Union of Telegraphists
VHSC - Very High Speed Club
Vienna Wireless Society
Vista Valley 'FISTS' CW Club - K6FFF
Without CW it's just CB

CQ Serenade Song!
Ludwig van Beethoven & Morse
Samuel F. B. Morse
April 27, 1791 to April 2, 1872
"Father of the Morse Telegraph"