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Keyers - Paddles & More
Adjusting Straight Keys, Paddles, & Bugs  A "How-To" Article by N1FN
American Morse Equipment  Stright keys & paddles
Bencher  CW keys & paddles
Begali Kays & Paddles  Italy
Bulldog  Iambic keyers & memory keyers
Bugs: Want some Technology with That?  A discussion of dual levers by N1FN
CodeBoy Iambic Keyer
CT Keys  New keys from Ukraine
ElectroInstrument  From Russia
Flex-Flyer CW Keyer
GHD Telegraph Key  Keys, paddles & bugs by Toshihiko, JA7GHD
GHD Telegraph Key  GHD Japanese web site; Japanese language
Hensley Paddles  Handcrafted
Iambic Keying - Distinction Between Mode A / Mode B  .pdf format
Iambic Sending  by Chuck Adams, K7QO (.pdf format)
Hi-Mound  Straight keys & paddles from Japan
Jackson Harbor  Keyer kits by WB9KZY
K1EL  K-Keyers & WinKey CW Keyer
Kanga USA  Mini-Yak Iambic Keyer/Trainer
Kent Morse Keys
Lennart Pettersson & Co  The original Swedish key
Logikey K-3 & Super CMOS-III Keyer Kits
MFJ Keyers / Keyboards  Electronic & memory keyers, cw keyboards
MFJ Morse Code Readers
Milestone Technologies  Keys, keyers & kits
Morse Express Products
Morse Telegraph Keys, Paddles & Bugs
Mouse Keyer
NorCal Keyer & Tips
North American Telegraph Keys  Hand-made keys from Jim, K6VDH
Nye Viking  Keys and paddles from U.S.A.
Palm Radio  Miniature paddles from Germany
PK-3 Iambic Keyer
PLA Keys  Chinese military surplus
Schurr  Paddles and keys from Germany
Soxman Miniature Keys  U.S.A.
Straight Keys  made in Ukraine
The Art of Side-Swipery  by Jerry L. Bartachek KD0CA
The Junker DBGM Key  Germany
The Myth of Iambic Keying  by N1FN (pdf format)
The XT-4 CW Memory Keyer  battery operated
Vibroplex  Keys, bugs & paddles
Vibroplex Collector's Page
Whiterooke Products  Keyers & paddles
WK4DS CW Instruments  Precision, hand made paddles