Keith's Ham Radio

Station Photos  


At my Canadian QTH, I run three stations... one for use during cool days in the spring, summer and fall in a small, unclimatized storage shed near the back of my in our home's 3-Season Sunroom for use during the summer months...and one in the lower level of our home for use during the cold, Canadian winter months. 

A few photos of me and/or some of my equipment in all three Canadian "shacks" (along with my current "antenna farm" that can be switched between the three stations) are shown below.  I've also included a few photos from some of my "fixed portable" work on both HF as well as via the Amateur Radio satellites. 

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I used this "Indoor Shack" in the winter months for many years



My alter ego (VE3BEAR a.k.a "George")  helps me during contests

 In 2016, I upgraded my "Indoor Shack"

I added a new transceiver, KW amplifier and MFJ tuner

My compact, all mode,  HF/ VHF/ UHF "Sunroom Shack" 

A close-up view of my "new" Yaesu FT-2000D

The addition of an Ameritron AL-82 to the station helps, too!

The AL-82 uses two 3-500ZGs in the final


 Sometimes I swap out the AL-82 for an Ametitron AL-80B

The AL-80B uses a single 3-500ZG to give nearly 1KW output

Built from a kit in 1977, my SB-200 is still used for "portable" operations 

The SB-200's two 572B tubes in the final give about 700 W (CW) output 


My Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.2FX is an all Solid State, 1Kw class HF amplifier

The HL-1.2FX is compact, ruggedly built, and weighs just 33 pounds!

My "Shed Shack" is used during the Spring, Summer and Fall



The VA3KSF and VA3OB "Shed Shack"

My Amp Supply LK550 "loafs" at the legal limit

The LK-550 uses three 3-500ZGs in the final

Two patch panels in the "Shed Shack" connect any radio to any antenna


My VHF/UHF switch array in the "Shed Shack"



The "Shed Shack" also sports a minimal test bench.

My ham radio "I Love Me" wall in the Shed Shack

Occasionally, I'll operate using spare equipment from our Sunroom

One of my many "fixed portable" stations. This one is in South Carolina

I also operate on D-Star, System Fusion and DMR using various hotspots 


Operating in a park by a lake on a warm summer afternoon...Heaven!

A portable HF station at the beach makes for a relaxing afternoon.

A tuned BuddiStick makes an excellent DX antenna for portable HF work.

My ground-mounted Hy-Gain 18-AVT vertical with 24 buried radials



My ground-mounted CushCraft AP-8 vertical with 28 buried radials

My "Inverted L" for 160 uses 25 buried radials of bare electric fence wire

A paracord halyard tied to a Teflon pulley forms the apex of the "L"

The "L" for 160 uses insulated wire and a pulley at the far end

A 10 pound "weight-lifter's weight" tied to paracord keeps it all taut

My AEA 6 Metre "Halo" at 25 feet



Using my 2m/ 70 cm Arrow Antenna to work through an AMSAT satellite

I use a Yaesu FT-857D while I'm "Stationary Mobile"



 A Yaesu ATAS-120A rounds out my mobile HF station

Radials underneath my 2m "Eggbeater" used for satellite work 


My 70 cm "Eggbeater" used for satellite work

My "semi permanent" satellite antenna array at the home QTH 


Sometimes, I use an "Arrow Style" antenna mounted on a tripod 

But, a hand-held Arrow Antenna works equally well in a city park...

 ...or in the field...with a Buddipole for HF to boot!


My modest Vibroplex Morse Code key collection. Nothing collectable...just modern versions of earlier classics