Keith's Ham Radio

Log and QSL Information


Online Log

I maintain a searchable online log for all of my VA3KSF and VA3OB (Canadian) contacts at Club LogTo see if you are "in my log", simply click on the appropriate call sign on the Club Log search page (VA3KSF  or  VA3OB) and insert your call sign into the "call sign to check" box.  

I do NOT maintain an online log with Club Log for my KB1SF contacts.

Logbook Of The World

"Via LOTW" is my preferred QSL route!!!

Every week or so (or as my on-air activity warrants) I upload my logs for each of my currently active Canadian and US call signs from my "home QTH" as well as my "portable" locations (VA3KSF, VA3OB and KB1SF) to Logbook of the World (LOTW). 

I have also computerized and uploaded all of my older paper logs (dating from 1976) to Logbook of the World. This includes over 11,000 HF, VHF, UHF and Satellite QSOs made using my prior US call signs (WD8CMU, KA5CCO, KC0YU), as well as the Italian call sign I used during the mid-1980s (IV3KBU).  

I've also uploaded QSOs to LOTW for when I used KB1SF portably from Italy (KB1SF/IV3) and Canada (KB1SF/VE3) prior to obtaining my permanent call sign(s) in those countries. 


I upload my "home QTH" logs (that is, QSOs made from Port Huron, MI USA and Corunna, ON Canada) to E-QSL

I also upload my QSOs from my Canadian and USA portable operations to E-QSL. However, because the E-QSL system is currently ill-equipped to easily handle QSOs made using the same call sign from multiple QTHs during overlapping time periods, those uploads will only reflect the correct country (USA or Canada) of any portable location I may be operating from in North America.  

Paper QSLs (Direct)

I still enjoy sending and receiving paper QSLs. If you'd like one from me directly for a contact made with any of my US or Canadian call signs, please use one of the following routes that best applies to you:

If you are mailing your card from within the United States, please include an Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope (SASE) with sufficient US postage attached and send it to my USA (KB1SF) mailing address. Your confirmation QSL will be returned via the US Postal Service.

If you are mailing your card from an overseas country, please include a QSL-sized, self-addressed envelope (along with  $1.00 in US funds) and, again, mail it to my USA (KB1SF) postal address. As with QSLs coming from the USA, your card will be returned via the US Postal Service. 

Why only $1.00 you ask?  Simple. Living as I do close to the US/Canadian border, I have ready access to the US Postal System.  A little over $1.00 in US funds is currently sufficient to send a First Class return QSL almost anywhere in the world from the USA. Therefore, $1.00 is more than enough to offset most of my return mailing costs.  

Or, to put it another way, for me, Ham Radio is my hobby, NOT my business!

Canadians wishing to receive a paper QSL can send it directly to my Canadian address at either VA3OB or VA3KSF. Again, please enclose an SASE with sufficient Canadian return postage attached.

In any case, if sufficient return postage is not included with your card, I'll send your return card via the Bureau.

Paper QSLs (Bureau)

I participate in both the USA and Canadian QSL Bureau System and have incoming QSL Bureau accounts for all of my current US and Canadian call signs (KB1SF, VA3KSF and VA3OB).  While I seldom initiate outgoing Bureau QSLs, I will do my best to respond to your QSL card if it is sent to me via the Bureau.  

I try to bundle and send my outgoing QSL Bureau cards at least once per year.  However, as QSLs sent via the Bureau can sometimes take upwards of several years to be received, please be patient while awaiting my reply.