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Welcome from grid square BP40om Alaska!

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Check out my new logging program Beta release! there is a link above or click here.

The best part is when you are walking in the store with your HT and someone comes up to you and asks "are you are an employee?"

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A proud member of the East Coast Reflector!

I am also a member of the east coast reflector system with nodes covering the entire US and many more private nodes around the globe!

About Me

Cheers! I assume if you are reading this you want to know more about me!
I currently am 17 years of age and live in the Great 49th state of the wonderful United Sates of America!
I am interested in the Ham radio hobby and particularly love SSB and AM.
I also have a large interest in satellite operations and other 2m IRLP and Local radio activities.
I am not affiliated with a club as of yet, but hope to find one that fits me soon.
Currently a Tech I got my license in the summer of 2021 and have been working on General for the last month or so.
I enjoy designing hardware to software interfaces for things that where never intended to interface with a computer (and probably never should) using Python scripting and the Arduino  platform.
creator of the YACHT club youth radio group website and designer of the Protonmail unofficial client for Linux I have a little experience in software design as well.
I do not Qsl or eQsl as I have had a devils time of it trying to get it working and would love an email from you if you think you can help me get it up and running!
I do however log my contacts on Qrz.com and will always really apricate it if you confirm it.
You can find me on 10m most of the time if it is open cruising the Tech segment of the band and I make it a point to always have a radio (or two, or three) linked in to the East Coast Reflector on IRLP 9050.
I have only two antennae, both of which I homebrewed my self printing the parts on my Creality Ender3 v2.
If you want to see the photos of them you can find them both in the photo gallery on this site and on my Qrz.com page, downloads are also available here if you want to build it your self or use it a a base for your own project.
Also very interested in HamShackHotline I will probably be getting a phone soon.
my current radios are below:
    FT-891 that has no antenna.
    Two Baofeng UV-82P handhelds.
    Two Talkoop KT-8900D mobile 25 watt VHF/UHF radios.
    The RemoteHamRadio youth service.
    And last but by far not least a RTL-SDR USB dongle with an adapter to connect to my phone.
I have put a lot of time into this web site and have included quite a few select items of interest from my life as first an Alaskan and then an Alaskan ham, and I hope you will enjoy them. if you have any ideas for the website I would love to hear them and you are welcome to email me at my radio address at [email protected].
I also want to highlight the photo gallery that you can visit here, or by clicking the link/button at the top of this page.
I have loaded it with quite a few interesting photos from fishing trips, wild life visits, landscape photos, and of course, the spattering of ham radio photos that or unavoidable once you become a ham. ;)

I would love to talk more as I am naturally an extreme extrovert , but I am afraid if you want to know me better you will have to hunt me down on the radio! or maybe you already did and that's why you're reading this...
either way is fine but with that statement I am afraid I will be taking my leave.
73, have a wonderful day, best wishes and blessing on you and yours!
Asa, KL5IS, over and out!

My callsign [not] explained, but I will try...

On 3/14/2022 the call KL5IS was assigned to me when I got my Tech,
ever since then I have been asked how I am a Tech and have a 2x2 callsign and how it has a five in it when I am from Alaska.
The answer is, I don't know...
It was assigned by the FCC and it is not a vanity call, it is posable it was just a mistake within the FCC licensing system. I have heard that for Alaska they ran out of 7 calls and had to open up more numbers (that's got to be a good thing right?) and so Alaska stations can now have any number from zero to nine, but that is just word of mouth not fact.
And I still do not have any good explanation for the 2x2 call.

KL5IS cartoon
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