The Reading Radio Club
ARRL Affiliated since Feb 17th 1922
Welcome to the Fox Hunting page for the Reading Radio Club. 
The importance of this part of the Ham Radio is paramount to just having fun. The FOX hunt is training for finding transmitters located all over the world. It is a situation where we hunt for transmitters just like those they put in snakes, collars of bear, foxes and other animals that roam the woods. Part of the training is locating downed planes, hikers with radios, and rogue transmitters. We as Hams also help the Emergency services. We will help Police, Fire and any other EMS protocols that need us to find a transmitter. 
The Reading Radio Club has 2 owned fox transmitter, with a few of the members have transmitters with much less power. Our fox transmitters at the club are 5 watt and 3 watt. The privately owned transmitters are from 1 watt down to 15 milliwatt.
Transmitter Hunts will be resuming in the spring.

When details become available, they will be posted here and on our Meeting on the Air.

Please contact Dave Fix, W3AMY with any questions.

Below are some different types of Fox Hunting Antennas that are used.  They can be used with any type of radio as it's receive only.
This is a three element home brew 2 meter antenna.
This 2 element antenna is a YAGI It can be purchased on line from Arrow Antenna systems.
These attach directly to your HT, the left one is a 2 meter directional and the right one is 440. 
This is a satellite specific directional for talking to and receiving from ISS.2mtr 440.
RRC Fox (Transmitter) Hunts