Dial Radio Club of Middletown, Ohio has been giving amateur examinations since the Volunteer Examiner program was instituted by the FCC. We are working under the Laurel VEC program - one of the few programs that does not charge for exams. Our Volunteer Examiner team is composed of members of The Dial Radio Club & The Butler County Amateur Radio Association (BCARA). The clubs tend to offer about 4 or 5 exam sessions per year. Pre-registration is required for all exams. See the instructions below.  

See the Dial Calendar webpage for location and details about the Exam schedule: Calendar

Requests for additional information about upcoming exams can be obtained from N8QF or KD8W for Dial Radio Club or from Thurl Gordon, KD8VLU Thurl for BCARA.

The FCC now charges for New Licenses, Renewals, Vanity Calls, but does not charge for upgrades.


Complete and Email the Exam Registration Form

See the Dial Calendar webpage for location and details about the Exam schedule: Calendar
Examinees need to do the following at least 24 hours prior to the exam session:

1) If you don't have a FCC User Account, go to the FCC User Registration System Webpage to create your account.

2) You need a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before completing the Exam Registration Form.  Go to the FCC CORES Webpage to create or see your existing FRN..

3) Download/Copy the Exam Registration Form to your local device. Exam Registration Form

4) Complete Section 1 of the Exam Registration Form. You will have the opportunity to sign the form at the exam session.

5) Email a copy of the completed Exam Registartion Form to N8QF .

Bring to Examination Session

Examinees need to bring the following to the exam session if applicable:

1) If you already have a amateur radio license, then bring your Original Signed Official License and a Photo Copy of your Original Signed Official License. Click Here to Download the Official Copy

2) If you have a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE), bring your original CSCE and a photo copy of your CSCE.

3) Bring a copy of your completed Exam Registration Form.

4) Bring a Photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, or Student ID). NO Photo Copies, ONLY Originals Please.

Your photo ID, the copy of your official license (if applicable), and the copy of your CSCE (if applicable) will be placed in your folder during the examination.  Your photo ID will be returned to you once the exam process is complete. 

We receive very prompt service from Laurel and typically the FCC database is updated within 5 days after an exam session.
You can check your recent license grant by going to the FCC License Search website.  You may search by Call Sign, Name (Last, First), or FRN.