Dial Radio Club

Dial is an organization dedicated to public service and the advancement of the radio arts through education and the operation of public communication facilities.

Dial maintains an open repeater system at multiple locations in the Middletown Ohio area which operate on the  144 Mhz, and 440 Mhz amateur radio bands. Those facilities are available without charge to all properly licensed radio operators. In addition to permitting experimentation and research the repeater system is utilized for communications support of public and charitable events and weather spotting. It is available for and used to provide emergency communications when natural disasters and other events render alternative communication channels are unavailable.

Dial has conducted classes and training in radio and telecommunications including all of the disciplines required for FCC license (e.g. FCC regulations, electrical and radio theory, practical components, operating procedures, and antennas). All classes have been free of charge and open to all interested persons. Participants received training intended to prepare them for FCC license examinations. In conjunction with the National Weather Service, Dial also has conducted training in weather spotting.

Dial has been giving amateur examinations since the Volunteer Examiner program was instituted by the FCC.
See our Exams webpage for details and our Calendar webpage for the next examination session.

In conjunction with the American Radio Relay League, Dial conducts an annual 24 hour field day demonstration of emergency communication conducted entirely without the use of utility power from a prominent location in a local public park. Dial also participates in a national radio convention at which the members are available to explain its activities and encourage participation.

The activities of Dial are principally conducted by the members of the organization although participation by members of the general public is strongly encouraged. Activities are conducted throughout the year. Because of its use for emergency communication, repeater operation is maintained on a continuous 24 hour a day basis. Field day operations occur annually in June and convention participation in May. All activities of the organization occur within one hour’s drive of Middletown and are open to all without charge.

Monthly General Membership Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month. Dinner starts at about 6:00 PM. Business Meeting starts at 7:00 PM. 

See our Calendar webpage for location and details about the next meeting: Calendar

General Information
  • Family Based Membership:
  • Typically 80+ members representing 50+ families
  • Yearly dues are $26 per family
  • Extensive Good Coverage Repeater System:
  • Two analog repeaters:
  • 2 meters
  • 2 meters and 70 cm linked
  • Motorola DMR repeater with internet link on 70 cm
  • Yaesu Fusion repeater in digital & analog operation on 70 cm
  • Amateur Radio Classes:
  • We have taught classes for 30+ years to allow persons to become amateur radio operators and to upgrade their privileges.
  • Recent Special Operating Events:
  • We celebrated our 75th anniversary as a ARRL Affiliated Club on May 9, 2016, which included a special event station - W8D.
  • Since our contest call is K8PI, we took part in the International Pi-Day celebration on March 14, 2015.
  • Possible Future Operating Events:
  • We have participated in the Ohio QSO Party in August for the last few years and hope to continue every year
  • CQ WPX SSB contest in the spring
  • ARRL SSB Sweepstakes in November
  • Members and guests are welcome to visit and participate at any of our operating events.  Watch the "DIAL News" for details.