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      My  name  is Venco Stojcev  and I am born 1958 in Stip city, Republic of Macedonia. I am married and my wife 
   name  is Lily.  We have  a beautiful  daughter  Aleksandra.  She  is now 12  years old. We are living in downtown
   of Stip  city, which is placed in Eastern  part of Macedonia.  I am employ in the city Commune as communication

Me and my wife Lily

Aleksandra and Me

Me in my shack

      I am radio amateur since 1980  when  I pass my  first HAM  examinations for 3-rd class license (novice). Since
   than I am  a member  of  radio  club "Nikola Tesla"  in Stip,
Z37M.  After 3 years, 1983, I pass next examinations
   for 2-nd class and I got my  first  own call YU5XTC. My  first  activity  from my home was with TX Yaesu FL-50b
   and RX Trio  JR-500s. In  he  beginning I have only dipole  for 40m and 3 ele. yagi for 15m. I used this call next 3
   years  and 1986  I change  it to YU5JA. Same year  I got new radio, transceiver FT 101e and 1990 I put 2 ele. 3
   band  quad. After separating  from Yugoslavia 1992, Macedonian amateur association bring temporary solution to
   change  our prefiex to  4N5  till  to  time when Macedonia will get  a new prefiex  from  ITU. So short  time I was
   4N5JA. In  1993 Macedonia  became  a member  of  UN and  we got  new  prefiex  from  ITU, "Z3". and I became
   Z32JA. Next 2 years I had  a new  radio Kenwood TS 930s  and after that I replace it with  FT-101 zd. I upgrade
   my 3 band  quad to 5 band (included  warc  bands 17 and 12m). In 1995 I pass  last  examinations for first class
   and  after that my call was changed again in Z31JA. 1997 I have a new radio FT 920, HF plus 6m, so that was a
   reason  to put one band  more on my quad so its now 6 band HI. In 2001 after some new law regulations we got
   chance to cut one letter from the sufiex and I change my call to Z36W

View of Stip

Map of Macedonia

View of Stip

      All  this  period I was very active on  DX-ing and contesting. This two activity was, and they are still, my favor
   thing in our hobby. Now I have worked ALL and confirm ALL DXCC countries.
      I have already  confirmed  10 BDXCC (including  6m), 199 WAZ confirmed  except zone  nr.1 on 80m. I am  also 
   collector and hunter  of UCA county (about 1300) and  IOTA's (about 450 islands). My last DXCC record by bands
   and mode is below in the table:  

  MIX SSB CW RTTY 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6
worked 338 330 320 262 117 197 263 216 312 282 305 269 297 125
confirmed        338   328 318 250 108 193 259 204 309 277 304 266 295 120

      My  equipment  at  the home now  are  Yaesu  FT 920 and  2 element 6 band cubical quad (20/17/15/12/10/6),
   vertical for  30m  and dipoles for 160/80/40m.  For time  to time I am using SB 220 amplifier  which I borrow from
   friend of mine.  For  digital   modes  and  for  logging  I  am  using PC Compaq  pentium-III.  For VHF (for repitors
   use mostly) I have Kenwood  TR-751e (all  mode 25w)  and 3 ele. yagi

My shack in 1990

My 2 ele. 6 band quad

My shack in 1995

      As  a member  of the radio club,  I was very  active in the contests. Me and my friends form the club founded
   contest  team and named it  "Z30M Contest team"  in  memory for our ex contest call. Several years ago for our
   contest activity we are using location of the sport air port Susevo, which is about 8 km away from Stip city. We
   are very proud of many our  big  results specially in  WW and  WPX RTTY contests. Several times we were world
   winners in multi op categories.

Our contest location, Air port Susevo. In front passed vertical's for 40m.

Vertical fo 80m

Tower for the low bands antenna (delta loop 80m and Inv.Vee 160m)

       I  am replaying  QSL card  100%,  either  Buro, Direct request and  also request via e-mail.  Since october
   2009 I am member of LOTW and till now I have uploaded about 80.000 qso's. Same number of qso's is also on

        How to contact me !

   By e-mail:   [email protected]  -  By Skype:  venco-z36w  
   By phone:   +389 32 382 486 home  /  +389 70 26 44 73 mobile
   By mail   :   Venco Stojcev,  Ivo Lola Ribar  92, Stip 2000,  Macedonia

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