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                 DAYTON 1993

  Since my teen days, my dream was, one day to visit America. Thanks to this hobby, my dream come true
  and  1993 I go to  USA,   specially   for   Dayton   HAMvention.  For  this  trip  I had  invitations from Ohio DX
  association and Midwest contesters from Illinois. My hosts were Jerry W2JZK, who  pick me  up  at JFK airport
  in  New York and  Joe  K8JP  who  care  about  me  during  staying  in  Dayton. In Jerry's  house I meet Steve
  WB2ZHB, Arie 4X6UO and his wife Nomi. Next day together we fly to Dayton. I was very exiting  because that
  was my  first time  to meet  so  many  Ham's  on the  same  place HI.  Since we arrived in Dayton at Stouffer
  Center Plaza, hotel, I meet Ed W2MIG, Bill, NA2M,  Bob  W9ARV,  Mohamed  9K2CS,  Brian VP8CFM  and  many
  others. At the  evening Joe K8JP arrived  with  his  wife Beverly. Next  days  I  join in company with very  nice 
  friends Don W9KIA, Buzz W9EIS (9K2DI),  Lonnie  KA9WON,  Frank  AH0W,  Nellie  XE1CI,  Andy  UA3AB, Victor 
  XE1VIC,  Jack WA7LNW,  Rudy  W9PZT etc.

Left: Ed W2MIG, Brian VP8CFM, Beverly (K8JP's wife), Me and Jerry (my host in NY)

Me, Beverly and Joe K8JP

Victor XE1VIC, Andy UA3AB, Me and Frank AH0W

     Most of things at Dayton are happen at  HARA arena. I  meet  there Ed VP2ML editor of DX magazine, Steve
  N8BJQ, Tedd KB8NW editor  of  OPDX bulletin,  Walter DJ6QT, Dave K8MN (A22MN), Jody VP5JM, Luis XE1L and
  many more.

Dayton, Flea market

Dayton Hara arena

With Chod VP2ML, editor of DX Magazine

Me and Dave K8MN (A22MN)

Joe K8JP, Jody VP5JM and Ed W2MIG

Me, Rudy W9PZT and Jack WA7LNW

     Another great thing at Dayton HAM vention is DX Dinner organized by Ohio DX association at Stouffer Center
  Plaza hotel.


Me, Don W9KIA, Mohamed 9K2CS and Arie 4X6UO

John K2PZ, Anita KN2N, Me, and Nellie XE1CI

Ve ??, Joe K8JP, Ed W2MIG, Zareh VE2NW and Me

With Luis XE1L

Bill NA2M and Me

Me, Nellie XE1CI, Len KB2HK, Jerry W2JZK and Arie 4X6UO

      After Dayton I go back in New York with  Jerry and  Steve.  I stay few days more in NY and use them to see
  downtown  of  the  city  (Manhattan)  and some  others  place of  NY.  Day before I  left NY,  I was invited on
  diner by members  of  Long island  DX association. In the evening  at the Jerry's  house I meet  Art  K2ENT, big
  rtty gun HI, he  is on the top of RTTY  dxcc honor roll. With so many  impressions I left NY and America and till
  now I still keep in my memory all those nice things I have there.


In front of Empire stejt bilding

In front of Twins from NY docks

With Art K2ENT

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