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                             PHOTO GALLERY

 You can see here some pictures from different activities, some meetings, my friends  etc ....

Meeting in Stip 1991

Meeting in Stip 1991

Meeting in Berovo 1994

       In the mid  of June 1991, in Stip was organized  HAM  meeting and ARDF contest. On the first picture from left:
    Peko Z31EF, Mino Z31DZ (sk), Zika Z31CZ, Tanto Z36TAN, Bob  Z31B, Dalibor Z34TCA, Hristo Z36ICE, Me, Pance
    Z33Z and Zivko Z32DY. Second picture is made on the same event and that was some DXCC checking, from left:
    Pero Z31GM, Jan Z35G, Me, Mladen Z32M and Zika Z31CZ.  Third picture is made in Berovo 1994 where was held
    Macedonian  HST and  ARDF  championat. Standing  from  the  left: Mike Z32MA, Mino Z31DZ, Hristo Z36ICE and
    Tanto Z36TAN. Sitting  from the  left: Ruzica (daghter of Z32MA), Lily (my wife), Me, daughter of Z36LAW, Gjore
    Z36LAW and Mirce Z32AR.

Dinner in Stip

Meeting in Susevo

Meeting in Susevo

      In  1998,  our  guests  in  Stip were  Mike NN6C and  Mike NO6X. Before they left we had a dinner together: on
    picture are from left:  Goko  Z35KG,  Mike NN6C, Dance Z36NEC, Me, Mike NO6X, Vanco Z32IV (in  that period 
    President of the  club),  Mile Z32GW, Chris Z31GX, Vane Z31RC (sk), Tony Z32ZT and Zoce Z33ZOD.
       Next two pictures  are  made on our contest location  Susevo, where we had picnic meeting. On  the  first  pic.
    from left: Ozren Z35T, Zoki Z36A, Mike Z43M, Geroge Z33A, Chris Z31GX,  Blagoj Z32RS, Mile and Mery
    (Z32GW daughter). On the second pic. from the  left  standing: Blagoj Z32RS, Damjan Z35BY Momo Z31MM, Mery
    (Z32GW daughter), George  Z33A,  Chris Z31GX  and  Mile  Z32GW. Sitting: Zlatko  Z33AA,  Me, Z36W,  Ljube
    (President of the our club) and Ozren Z35T.

In Tetovo 1997, Dragan Z32XX, Me, Zika Z31CZ and George WB2AQC

Geni ZA1B, Me and Geni's son Martin in Stip 1996

Jari OH3MIG (Z38G)

      In 1997  our  guest was Geroge  WB2AQC. He was  visit  our county  with intent to made an article about HAM
    radio in Macedonia. For that case he visit more then 20 active  ham's in several cities around Macedonia. On first
    picture, we are in Tetovo, visiting Zika Z31CZ.
       Guest  in our city was Geni ZA1B. He and his son Martin were in Stip 1996. On third picture is Jari OH3MIG, who
    was temporary in Macedonia few years and very often our guest, during some ham activity.

Vlado N3CZ, also Z31FU

Dragan K0AP (also Z32XX and ex NA0AA)


      On the first picture is Vlado N3CZ (also Z31FU), ex: ZS6MG, very  good operator  and  good  constructor. He is
    creator on the  first  Macedonian  packet  radio  network 1988.  On  the second  picture is Dragan, now K0AP and
    Z32XX. He is member of  our radio club and one of the most active DX-ers, till was here. He  move  with his family
    in Kansas, USA. On  the third  picture is Tony LZ1JZ,  he visited  Stip few  years  ago, very good friend, good CW
    operator and the BEST qsl printer !!!


Pepi Z31PK (sk), honor memebr of our club

My guests 1991, Buck W3KH, Jane N3ERM, Lily (my wife) and Me

With our guest Tadej S51TA, from left: Z31MM, Me, Z32XX, S51TA, Z32IV, Z32RC (sk) and Z31GX

       On  the  first  picture is  Pepi  Z31PK, honor  member  of  our  radio  club, and one  of  the  most  active ham's
    from Macedonia, till he died  2002  year.  He  was  very  good  cw op and excellent constructor, specially for PA's.
        My guests in Macedonia, shortly, were  Buck  W3KH  and  his  wife  Jane N3ERM. On  the third picture we have
    Tadej S51TA with us, he was here for EU HF contest 1998.

Making antenna for 137 khz, Me, Voja YU7AV, Teo YU7AR and Laci YU7CM

Antenna is on !

Teo is explaning working process on 137 khz


Voja YU7AV

We celebrate good, 137 khz, results !

      In January  2006 our guests were our friends from Srbija  (Vojvodina), and we had together activity for the first
    time  from  Macedonia  on  137 khz. Leader of this activity was Teo YU7AR who is one of the most active ham's in
    the world on this band. After successful activity we had lunch together in the one of the Stip restaurants. On the
    last picture from left are: Momo Z31MM, Dime Z35Z, Teo YU7AR, Voja YU7AV, Ljube YU7AU, Laci YU7CM, Me, Zoki
    Z33F and Ljube, President of our radio club.


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