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                   WRTC 2000 SLOVENIA

      In  July  2000, in Slovenia, on  the  beautiful  lake of Bled, was held WRTC 2000. For me and for my friends from
  the radio club this was  big  chance  to  see  this  great  world  contesting  event. So four  of  us decided to go in
  Slovenia, Me, Momo  Z31MM,  Chris  Z31GX  and  Dragan  Z32XX.  We  were  also invited  to visit Slovenia, and to
  see this event,  by very good  friend  of us, Tadej S51TA. Days  before  the contest time (IARU HF) we meet a lot
  of world contesters and  many friends which  we know well  from earlier. For the contest time, Tadej arrange to us
  place  form  where  we  can  be  active  in  the contest. That was in the radio club  Domzale S50C, which  call we
  used into the contest too.

Opening ceremony

Chris and Me on the opening ceremony

Our team before the IARU contest. Momo Z31MM, Sine S53RM and Dragan Z32XX. Sitting Chris Z31GX and Me

     After  the contest there was a big Hamfest in ICE arena in Bled. Promulgation  on the winners of WRTC and a lot
  of bier and big party.

Me and Momo during IARU contest

Staf org, YU7NU, Z32XX, K1AR, YT1AD, Z31GX, S56A, sitting Me and K1DG

Chris, Me, Bob K3EST and Dragan

Chris, Djurica YU7DR, Rale YT6A and Me

Me, Tadej S51TA, Tanja (Tadej's wife), Dragan and Chris

On the top of Ljubljana, old city Emona. Me, Tadej S51TA, Momo, Dragan and Chris

                    TURKEY 2002

       Long  time  ago, me  and my club  friends had an idea to visit some foreign country for  some  dx  and contest
   activity. Several  times  we  tried with some of the SV  islands and Cyprus, but we were refused.  Since we meet
   with Selim in Germany we decided  to visit Turkey, Thanks  to  Selim  we  arranged  the house of   TA1E  Mr. Azis
   on  the  island of  Bozcaada  (AS-099). Our goal was to made  some  dx-pedtion  activity and to work in CQ WPX
   CW contest. We were one  week  on  the  island  and  made  about 17.000 qso's.  In  the contest we have made
   set up for 4 single op/single  band HP effort. Three of them were  world  winners, TA0/Z33F world  winer  on 80m
   with  a  new  world  record  until   2006,  TA0/YU7AV world  winner on 40m with new Asia record  and  TA0/Z37M
   (op Z31GX) world winner on 20m. Members of  team  were  Chris  Z31GX,  Momo Z31MM,  Tone Z32PT, Me Z36W,   
   Voja YU7AV,  Selim TA2DS and  Soyhan TA2IJ.

Location on Bozcaada island As-099

Selim TA2DS, Momo Z31MM and Soyhan TA2IJ. Sitting Me, Chris Z31GX and Tone Z32PT

On the way to home, Me, Momo Z31MM, Chris Z31GX and Tone Z32PT

Cheking for 6m opening

Me and Momo Z31MM

Voja YU7AV

                 Project Goodwill Albania 2003

       I had a big honor and  pleasure to be part of this great international activity. Me and Chris Z31GX were invited
   by Marti  OH2BH,  leader  of  the project, to  be  active from the radio club station ZA1UT for 5 days.Club station
   was temporary installed  in  the  hotels on Adriatic coast near Duresh city. We meet here our old friend Geni ZA1B,
   Ole LA2RR, President of  IARU R-1, Perti  OH2PM, Vlado ZA/Z35M and Marti OH2BH. Our mission was to made more
   than 5000 qso's. With some restricly activity we made  more then 7000 qso's.


Me, Geni and Chris

Me, Marti OH2BH and Chris Z31GX

Operating from ZA1UT

With Ole LA2RR, President of IARU Region-1

Me and Geni ZA1B in Duresh

In Tirana, in front of Skenderbeg monoument

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