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    My experience with  Dayton, give me an idea to purpose to my friends  from the  radio club, to visit  another 
   big Ham vention but here in Europe, in Friedrichshafen-Germany. So 1996, nine (9) members form the club went
   to Ham radio in Germany for the first time. Since than our radio club is permanently visit this event except 1999
   when was war in YU. I miss 1996 year but since 1997 I am almost every year on Ham radio in Germany.


Our First stand, Hrane YT1AD, Dragan Z32AU and Me

Me and Ditmar DL3DXX

With Bahri TA2BK

Me and Frank DJ9ZB

With Roger G3SXW

Aco DJ0LZ,Sandy DL1QQ and Me

       Visiting Ham radio in Friedrichshafen was something new for us. We had chance to see all new ham products
   there (equipment, antennas and other things for our hobby),  Thru  our  stand  we meet a lot of ham's from all
   over the world

Me and Abubaker 5A1A

With Jelka S57NW

Ghis ON7MT and Me

Me and Bill K5FUV/1

With MArti OH2BH

Me and Abdi A41JT

With Walter DJ6QT

Me, Ivo 9A5I (sk) and Momo Z31MM

Me and Emily P43E

With my friend Toby DH1TW

Ex YU's: Me, Nikola 9A9AA, Voja YU7AV, Milos S53EO and Chris Z31GX

Our stand 2000, Me, Zoki Z33F and Momo Z31MM

       Every  year  we  meet  some of our friends in Friedrichshafen. With some of them we have realized some HF
   activity mostly from our country, except our dx-pedition in Turkey.  This few days of Friedrichshafen ham radio
   are really unforgettable. Except  in  the Hale's  where  are  all exhibitions, we have a good fun in our camp too.
   We have there also many ham visitors.

Babs Dl7AFS, Lot DJ7ZG and Me

Voja YU7AV and ME

With Tom 9A2AA and Daki 9A2WJ

Me and Mato 9A3SM

With my friend Tony LZ1JZ, QSL MAN !

With Rene DL2JRM

With Stanisa YU7AC

Me and Ljube YU7AU

Me, Tadej S51TA and Momo Z31MM

John ON4UN, Selim TA2DS, Chris Z31GX, Gerd DL7VOG, Dragan Z32XX, Aco DJ0LZ. Down G ??, Dima UA3AGW and Me.

With Joel F5PAC and his wife

Cris Z31GX, Me, Andy G3AB and Falk DK7YY

Manfred DK1BT, Me and Rolf DL6ZFG

Sigi DL7DF, Manfred DK1BTand Me

Milan S58MU, Me and Aco DJ0LZ

        Our tradition for visiting Ham radio in Friedrchshafen will continue this year also. We are planning to go there
    this year too. We are always look forward to meet some new face except our old friends. So look for us on our
    stand or in our camp.

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Last updated: 01-10-2008

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