GenLog logger by W3KM

° Logging software runs on XP and later OS.
° Does not control radios, no QRG, no networking, no PSK/RTTY engines.
° 365 contests and activites are supported. See Nov SS or Field Day.
° List of Contests in table form. All state QSO parties are supported.
° Logs many VHF/UHF contests not supported by VHF LOG.
° No contest setup files needed to start a contest. 5000 QSO limit per log.
° Creates CQ Zone, ITU Zone, Grid square and DXCC totals.
° Shows Counties, States & Sections worked, to be worked.
° Grid Square distance/heading routines, plus Grid maps.
° Works with PstRotator to control your rotator - from the typed in callsign.
° Selectable partial callsign search. Use GenSort to make datafiles.
° Writes ASCII, STF, EDI, ADIF and Cabrillo files. Cabrillo Evaluator software.
° Auto UTC offset from your PC`s system clock.
° DVK - Call the working station in your voice.
° CW keyer - Memory and keyboard CW w/ TX PTT.
  · Burst CW - multi-speed contest messaging.
  · Automatic CW message with incremented serial number.
  · Supports USB CW, USB to COM serial converters and real COM ports.
° Windows style HELP - general and for each contest. Gen Log Hints & FAQs.
° WHY did I write freeware? More freeware is available here.

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