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As time allows, this page will be updated with detailed information as to what DMR is and how to "get on" this mode of communication.

Simply put, DMR is a Digital form of transmission which uses the Internet as the backhaul to other locations around the world. It is found on VHF/UHF Repeaters and Personal Hotspots in which the Hotspots are the greatest in number.

Talkgroups or TG for shorthand are on a server on the Internet. A TG allows many users to key up their radio on a particular TG to communicate with others connected to that TG. Think of a TG as a channel on your radio.

As DMR became popular, members of the ARMS Midwest Section created TG 7399 to communicate to one another and others. Talkgroup 7399, available for use by those who have DMR Digital capability. 7399 stands for (to be Updated).

There are several Server Networks of DMR on the Internet. 7399 TG is hosted on the TGIF Network. TGIF's main webpage is at: https://prime.tgif.network/index.php.

Our TGIF 7399 TG Profile can be found at: https://prime.tgif.network/tgprofile.php?id=7399.

Members of the Midwest Section, when they have time, monitor the 7399 Talkgroup for QSO contacts.

Those in the Midwest Section, that have DMR capability, try to get on during the hour preceeding the HF Net on Saturday mornings, as a pre-Net gathering.

We welcome all to come and chat on TGIF 7399 TG. Check back soon for updates!

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