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"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

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Due to changes that Microsoft has made to OneDrive's Embedding of Folders/Files,
I am unable to show any more Folders of Pictures than those that are shown below.
(Years 2013-2023 are available below for viewing.)
Going forward, Pictures of each event can be accessed by the following links. Enjoy!

2024 Event Pictures

2024 Winter RF Fest, Perry IA
MARC 35th Annual Swapmeet, Oskaloosa, IA
Meeting with KW9Q, New Beam Editor

Pictures that did not make it in the 2013-2023 group below.

2023 CVARC Hamfest, Central City, IA
2023 34th Annual MARC Swapmeet, Oskaloosa, IA
Please use the links on the "News" webpage under the '2023 Midwest ARMS Annual Meeting &
the 2023 DMRAA Hamfest' listing for those Pictures.

Pictures from 2013-2023 events by KAØRMS Midwest Section.

These are large pictures and may take a few moments to fully load on your screen.
When you click on your selection below the pictures will, in a new Tab, open in an 'OneDrive' webpage. If it wants you to login or other issues, just close that tab and click on your selection again.
Once to those pictures, you may click on them to see the full-size picture and scroll through them.
You may have to "Refresh" (or press "F5") the webpage if any blank areas or texts like "The request is blocked" show up.

If you have pictures that you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the Webmaster at: [email protected]

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