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"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

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KAØRMS Midwest Section Officers Page

Our Officers are listed on the 'Home' page of this website with links, if available, to various user profiles. With time, we hope to have pictures, contact information and a personal note listed here from each Officer.

Current Officers are:

Bruce-K0GE Midwest Director, Bruce Wahlin - K0GE
As a boy I was fascinated with radio and listened to am and fm stations all the time. In middle school I was introduced to shortwave radio and then built a Heathkit GR-64 Shortwave receiver for a science fair project.Then I started getting interested in Ham radio. Don Berggren K0OAV (Arms Glory Net) gave me my novice test where I went to high school at Washington High School in St. Paul, MN. My first call was WN0WHK! Later it became N0DIX when I upgraded to General. Radio and those in it influenced the course of my life! Later in college I majored in Geography, World languages and cultures and double majored in Spanish. Later I would work on a masters in bilingual Ed. At that time they thought we would become like Canada and be completely bilingual. Now we are maybe the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world!

I went to work in St. Paul Public Schools for some almost 40 years teaching students English, helping high school dropouts to return and finish their GED's or their diplomas and most of all giving them career orientation. I also worked with students in Special Education and even set up a station at Jefferson Alternatives High School with Ham radio in the curriculum! Later in my career I was placed in charge of our district protocols and kept them organized and up to date while I went out to various schools dealing with or evaluating different problems before a team would meet and conclude the best way of handling the problem!

I would eventually get my Extra and study abroad in Spain and Israel as well as helping out Missionaries in La Paz, Bolivia. I would run phone patches and I had hams run patches for me! This triggered my early involvement with the ARMS Net in the early 80's! In 1983 I met Roger Stubbe (W0ZMU) at his office as Communications Director at HCJB Radio in Quito, Ecuador, SA! We have been chatting on the Midwest Section of ARMS ever since! Roger went home to glory recently and we will miss him very much! Roger connected me with the Spanish department at HCJB and they interviewed me in Spanish and put me out worldwide with a bit more power then Ham Radio! That was fun and Lead me to get to know Bill Berntsen (NW0G, Arms Glory Net) and former President and Chancellor of Northwestern College in Roseville, MN.) Bill Had a TS-930 Kenwood with the 922 full power linear Amplifier and a TH-7 seven element beam. It was a great experience to have an armchair chat with Sweden (I am Swedish) and then with an A4 station in the Sultanate of Oman who said we were the most powerful station that night coming in from the states!

In recent years I have been active with Tom (AA0LF) and Craig (KC0YHU) and our local Midwest Section Arms Net and calling the net once a month if I can or filling in for those who could not make it.
I look forward to serving as the Midwest Director of Arms and know I have a wonderful group of men on 3905.50 Mhz!

Sincerely and by God's grace, Bruce Wahlin (K0GE)


Midwest Net Manager, John Hegeman - W0BIZ

Midwest Secretary, Position is Open


Neale-K0LHJ Midwest Chaplain, Neale C. Thompson - K0LHJ
I was born in 1939, and grew up on a farm three and one half miles north of Clarion, Iowa. I graduated from Clarion High School. I became a licensed ham operator in 1957. I taught myself how to fly, while in High School, using a neighbor's J-3 Piper Cub. I was sent to England, by the US Air Force, to become a Flight Officer, during the Suez Canal Crisis. After returning home, I sailed cargo ships, on the Atlantic and Pacific. During this time, in my life, I experienced a strong call to be a pastor. After college and seminary, I became a pioneering pastor, opening up new areas of service in Kingdom work. I have been involved in this work, now, for fifty plus years. Presently, I have the joy of serving as chaplain to the mid-west section, of the Amateur Radio Missionary Service. ARMS has been a tremendous blessing in my life, since 1969.


Craig-KC0YHU Midwest Assistant Director, Craig Rose - KC0YHU
I believe it was in 2012 that Pat - KC0YHV introduced me to the ARMS Net on 3.903.5. I then met Tom AA0LF at the hamfests. In 2013 I joined ARMS and enjoy being a Net Control, attending Hamfests with my (YL) Wife Barb-KD0NEZ and meeting/chatting with other ARMS members and Hams at Hamfests.
You can contact me via email by using my 'Callsign' @arrl.net.

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