Nova Scotia Amateur Radio Association

Promoting Amateur Radio in Nova Scotia

Ask not what the NSARA can do for you BUT ask what you can do for the NSARA.
~ President John F. Kennedy

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Executive Members for 2022/2023

PresidentTom CohoonVE1TA[email protected]
ViceCraig SeaboyerVE1DSS[email protected]
DirectorBill ElliottVE1MR[email protected]
ContestsPeter SuretteVE1PJS[email protected]
TreasurerShirley CohoonVE1JFG[email protected]
SecretaryBruce HarveyVE1II[email protected]
Web ManagerWill HaggertyVA1HEL[email protected]
Web AssistantDoug GraceVE1DFG[email protected]

This article was updated on January 31, 2024