VHF Century Club

This award requires VHF contact on SIMPLEX with ONE HUNDRED Amateur radio stations in the province of Nova Scotia. Contacts must be logged on the forms provided, but no QSL cards are required.

Rules for the VHF CENTURY CLUB Award

  1. The VHF CENTURY CLUB award will begin as of June 1, 1997 and only contacts made on or after that date will be counted for award credit.
  2. The award will require logged two way contacts on the Amateur radio VHF (Simplex) bands with ONE HUNDRED Nova Scotia stations. The award is open to any amateur, but the contacts MUST be made with Nova Scotia stations only.
  3. The contacts for credit MUST be made on SIMPLEX (Transmit and receive on the same frequency). Any Amateur radio mode may be used. NOTE: Communications may be established initially on a repeater, but the actual logged contact MUST be on SIMPLEX. Packet contacts, keyboard to keyboard only, no digipeters.
  4. The contacts will be logged on the forms provided, but no QSL cards will be required.
  5. A station can only be logged once,regardless of mode.
  6. Record booklets are available from the NSARA at hamfests, flea markets and other Amateur events. The booklets are also posted on the NSARA home page on the Internet, or can be ordered from the AWARDS CHAIRMAN.
  7. There is no fee for this award. The certificates will be returned postage paid by the NSARA.
  8. The official award application form, on the last page of the booklet, is to be completed when the four log pages are filled. The whole booklet – cover, log pages, and the official application form are then sent to:

    NSARA Awards Chairman
    Mr Jim Hannon, VE1AFH
    RR # 5
    Amherst, NS     B4H 3Y3

  9. Certificates will be numbered in the order that the application forms are received by the chairman.
  10. The log sheets contain spaces for 104 contacts. It is recommended that you log the extra four contacts to make up for accidental dupes or other such problems.
  11. The stations logged for the award MUST be from the Province of Nova Scotia. Stations from outside the province operating mobile or portable will not count for credit (ie. K1XX/VE1).
  12. The Awards Chairman will make the final decision on all matters pertaining to this award.

For an official application form, please e-mail the NSARA.

This article was updated on June 19, 2023