Amateur Radio Operators periodically run "nets" on designated days and on pre-determined frequencies. The "nets" are typically oriented around a specific topic (eg. Emergency Traffic Handling, Disaster Scenarios, Digital Modes, etc.) Some of the nets below are consistantly running high-turnout nets and are designed around ARES scenarios. Plan on checking into these nets (or at least listening to them) when time permits as they are helpful to ARES personnel.

The following are all Digital Nets (Olivia, MT63, etc.)
All Nets are Upper Side Band Unless Otherwise Specified
Net Name/Purpose Time/Days Frequency/Tone Modes Used
NBEMS Learning Net 8:00pm Each Tuesday 147.270 FM  
Ohio Digital Net Tues. 7:45pm ET 3.5845 Primary
7.072 Alternate
Olivia 8/500
Michigan Digital Traffic Net Tues. 8:00pm ET
Thurs. 8:00pm ET
Sat. 8:00pm ET
3.585 Primary
7.043 Alternate
Olivia 8/500
Voice of America Sat. 0930 UTC
Sat. 1600 UTC
Sun. 0230 UTC
Sun. 1930 UTC
New York NBEMS Sat. 1500 UTC 7.036 Olivia 8/500
US East NBEMS Wed. 0000 UTC 7.036 Olivia 8/500
SATURN Southern States Sat. 1600 UTC 14.065 Olivia 8/500
Minnestota ARES Thurs. 0200 UTC 3.583.50 Olivia 8/500
Arkansas NBEMS Tues. 0000 UTC 3.582 Olivia 8/500
Pennsylvania NBEMS (80m) Sun. 9:30am ET 3.583 Olivia 8/500
Pennsylvania NBEMS (40m) Sun. 11:00am ET 7.072.5 Olivia 8/500
California NBEMS Wed. 8:30pm PT 3.584.0 PSK 125

Please note that these are working nets!  As every good Amateur Radio Operator know, listen first, and practice on your own or with a friend before showing up to a net and attempting to pass/handle voice/digital traffic. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please seek out a local group, or contact us. Elmers will be glad to assist new amateurs with procedures or equipment.