Amateur Radio Operators periodically run "nets" on designated days and on pre-determined frequencies. The "nets" are typically oriented around a specific topic (eg. Emergency Traffic Handling, Disaster Scenarios, Digital Modes, etc.) Some of the nets below are consistantly running high-turnout nets and are designed around ARES scenarios. Plan on checking into these nets (or at least listening to them) when time permits as they are helpful to ARES personnel.

The following are all Voice/Phone Nets
All Nets Are Lower Side Band Unless Otherwise Specified
More Information Can Be Found By Clicking on the Net's Name
Net Name/Purpose Time/Days Frequency
Northwest Ohio ARES Traffic Net Daily 6:30pm ET 147.375 FM (Alternate 146.610 FM)
Northwest Ohio ARES Traffic Net Monthly on the 15th Day 6:30pm ET 146.610 FM
Ohio Single Sideband Traffic Net Daily 10:30am ET 3.972.5
Ohio Single Sideband Traffic Net Daily 4:15pm ET 3.972.5
Ohio Single Sideband Traffic Net Daily 6:45pm ET 3.972.5
Lucas County Siren Training Net First Friday Month @ 11:45am ET 147.270 FM (Alternate 147.345 FM)
Northwest Ohio Regional Communications HF (NORC) First Saturday Month @ 11:00am ET 3.915.0 then switches to 7.215.0
Northwest Ohio Regional Communications VHF (NORC2) First Wednesday Month @ 1:00pm ET 147.375
Northwest Ohio (Lucas/Wood County) Hospital Net Quarterly-TBD VHF/UHF/DV/Digital
SATURN Southern States Sat. 1400 UTC 7.265.0

Please note that these are working nets!  As every good Amateur Radio Operator know, listen first, and practice on your own or with a friend before showing up to a net and attempting to pass/handle voice/digital traffic. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Assistant Emergency Coordinator over Education. The contact information is located here.