Lucas County ARES along with the Lucas County EMA provide a Secured Central Command Center along with a Mobile Command Center for use during our activities and both can be deployed and manned in a matter of minutes with trained personnel available to provide any needed communications across a large area.

Below are some images of our equipment and assets available to ARES operators.

Mobile Command Center

Central Command Center

Lucas County ARES operators also pride themselves on being entirely self sufficient and also have mobile assets if we are needed to deploy to a remote location. For example, here is Zachary Burns' (N8ZAK) mobile communications station with capabilities including SSB/AM/FM/D-Star/DMR and Digital Ham Radio modes as well as AM/FM public band modes and Public Safety sector scanning capabilities.

ARES Member Mobile Units

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact a member of the current leadership and we will be glad to assist your organization in any way we can.