The Lucas County Amateur Radio Emergency Service is looking for funding for AREDN(r) Mesh nodes to be placed at key locations throughout the Greater Toledo Metro Area. These nodes, when installed, will provide the requisite infratructure to provide Medical facilities, Emergency Operations Centers, Dispatch Centers and the like with direct point-to-point backup communications while maintaining an inherent education possibility for the amateur radio operators, and S.T.E.M. student population throughout the region. Plans include establishing a 5.8 GHz point-to-point link between the Metro area's hospitals and providing 360 degree access point capabilities on 2.4 GHz for the local amatuer radio operators to utilize. The Toledo Public School System has one High School Radio Club at their Toledo Technology Academy campus which, when the network is established, would have the possiblity of joining. To the south, Wood County has an established network throughout their county, and when the Lucas County network is deployed the two networks would be married providing backup emergency communications to three college campuses, ten full-service hospitals, approximately 36,000 K-12 students in the Metro Toledo area as well as 431,000 citizens within Lucas County and countless other served agencies within the footprint of the network.




Lucas Co. Topo Map



Proposed Linking Map