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Our Organization's Structure

Our organization actually consists of two separate registered corporations, the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club (TARC) and Bayou Region Amateur Radio Society (BRARS).

Though TARC and BRARS are separate legal entities, we are staffed by the same Officers, Board of Directors, and members.

BRARS is the 501c3 fundraising arm of the umbrella organization, TARC.

Both TARC and BRARS follow the same set of By-laws.

Our club is 99 years old

W5YL is the current FCC Amateur Radio ‘call sign’ of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club. We are one of the oldest Amateur ‘Ham’ Radio clubs in Louisiana, dating back to 1921 at Thibodaux High School with our original call sign, 5YL. Technology has drastically changed since then, yet the pioneer spirit of amateur radio enthusiasts lives on to this day.

5yl old call


ARRL affiliation as a Special Service Club

  • Our organization is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national association of amateur radio operators for the United States. The ARRL is one of the leading amateur (Ham) radio associations in the world. Though it's not a prerequisite to belong to our club, we highly encourage amateur radio operators to join the ARRL. They defend US amateur radio frequency privileges and promote the science and art of ham radio around the world.
  • We currently have the Special Services Club status with the ARRL. As such, we have to uphold the highest standards in community service, including but not limited to promoting amateur radio to the general public, education, testing for new and upgrading FCC licenses, and providing emergency communication capabilities.

Special Service Cub



Bayou Region Amateur Radio Society (BRARS) is the 501c3 fundraising arm of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club (TARC).

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