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Site Map

A brief overview and primary mission of our club

More detail information on how we are structured

Check here to see upcoming meetings and events.

Gives detail on ways to reach us

A list of of the executive officers, Board of Directors, and complete history of Ham of the Year recipients

Join Us/DUES
The application for membership and paying dues (either manually or online), and various requirements

Widgets that forecast weather, solar activity, and Ham Band conditions

Information Links
Links on Emergency, Ham Radio, and our Social Media sites

Our W5YL Blog

Swamp Swap Forum
Buy or sell equipment, or exchange ideas in our OPEN forum

Photo/Video Gallery
A few pictures relevant to our club. No one is exempt from embarrassment.

Links to minutes, by-laws, and more

A list and description of our club sponsored repeaters in our region

This explains the two On-Air NETS that we sponsor.

Testing and Classes are available to obtain or upgrade an Amateur Radio FCC license

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