The Voice of Amateur Radio in the Bayou Region  


Dedicated to Ham Radio
Serving Our Communities


President: George Tippett
Callsign : WB5PKK
License:  Extra Class

Vice President: Don Bardwell
Callsign: WA5PRI
License: Extra Class

Secretary: Martin Wade
Callsign: N5PZJ
License: Extra Class

Treasurer: Francis Boudreaux
Callsign: WD5CFM
License: Extra Class

Public Relations/Activities Officer: John Hartley
Callsign: KB7ZMD
License: Extra Class

Radio Officer, Trustee: Mike Robichaux
Callsign: KC5OKP
License: Extra Class

At-Large Board of Directors

Member #1: Bob Strada, KF5NSM

Member#2: Tony Whitney, KG5FVG

Member#3: Dan Vandervort, AD5NW


Jim Verret Ham of the Year Award Winners

1983- Jim Verret, K5JKR (SK) (Memories of Jim)

1984- Billie Reynolds, KK5T (SK)

1985- Allen Blanchard, WB5LFX (SK)

1986- Buddy Whitney, KA5GZB

1987- Don Bardwell, WA5PRI

1988- Johnnie Bourg, K5CRF(SK)

1989- Duanne Musgrave, WB5CWI

1990- Nick Prosperie, WB5VSN

1991- Debbie Verret, KB5DUW(SK)

1992- Bobby Folse, WB5IWT(SK)

1993- Francis Andras, K5HFE(SK)

1994- Evelyn Whitney, KA5YGB

1995- Wade Levron, WA5LIS(SK)

1996- Robert Dusse, KB5UOO(SK)

1997- James Moore, KC5AVP(SK)

1998- Wade Hebert, KC5LDZ

1999- Raymond Tassin, N5THI(SK)

2000- Carl Eyman, KD5KS(SK)

2001- Raymond Tassin, N5THI(SK)

2002- Sylvia Grabert, KD5KWQ

2003- Wade Levron, WA5LIS(SK)

2004- John Welch, KD5WDY

2005- Francis Andras, K5HFE(SK)

2006- James Fulks, KC5TXB(SK)

2007- John Welch, AD5YP

2008 thru 2012- NO AWARDS

2013- Martin Wade, N5PZJ

2014- George Tippett, WB5PKK

2015- Dallas Istre, KC5DI

2016- Francis Boudreaux, WD5CFM

2017- Richard Barrett, N5OEQ

2018- Jimmy Theriot, KG5JIM

2019 - John Hartley, KB7ZMD

2020 - No award due to COVID-19


Officer and Board Members:

  • Officers are elected annually at December General Business Meeting
  • Board members come up for election/re-election every three years on a rotating basis
  • We sometimes elect a Property Officer which is not a Board position
  • All officers and board members must not have an FCC Greivance or Action against them