The Voice of Amateur Radio in the Bayou Region  


Dedicated to Ham Radio
Serving Our Communities


President: George Tippett
Callsign : WB5PKK
License:  Extra Class

Vice President: Don Bardwell
Callsign: WA5PRI
License: Extra Class

Secretary: Martin Wade
Callsign: N5PZJ
License: Extra Class

Treasurer: Francis Boudreaux
Callsign: WD5CFM
License: Extra Class

Public Relations/Activities Officer: Richard Barrett
Callsign: N5OEQ
License: Extra Class

Radio Officer, Trustee: Mike Robichaux
Callsign: KC5OKP
License: Extra Class

At-Large Board of Directors

Member #1: Bob Strada, KF5NSM

Member#2: Tony Whitney, KG5FVG

Member#3: Dan Vandervort, AD5NW


Officer and Board Members:

  • Officers are elected annually at December General Business Meeting
  • Board members come up for election/re-election every three years on a rotating basis
  • We sometimes elect a Property Officer which is not a Board position
  • All officers and board members must not have an FCC Greivance or Action against them